Taking a Stand: Stuff the Bus

The Salvation Army is teaming up with Walmart to “Stuff The Bus” this Saturday, August 3, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  Taking a Stand: Toy Town

This Friday December 7, we are asking you to help us make the holidays brighter for those area families who need help.

  Taking a Stand: Practice civility and go vote

Savannah Gatton and Kobe Groves are students in the Statesmanship Academy at The Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center.

  Taking A Stand: President Trump’s visit to Evansville

For a few hours this Thursday, Evansville will have the attention of the national media as President Trump will visit the Ford Center.  It's my hope that our great city shines.

  Taking a Stand: Stone Family Center for Health Sciences

Last week, a ribbon cutting and a dedication ceremony was held for the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences, which is the new downtown Evansville medical school.

  Taking a Stand: Junior Achievement of Southwestern Indiana

Another school year has kicked off in the Tri-State and we wish the best to all the students, teachers and administrators.

  Taking a Stand: Overcrowded jails

The last two months we have reported on potential expansion options due to overcrowding for two local county jails.  Although these are much needed projects, I wonder if we are just putting a band aid on a huge public health problem. According to several recent surveys that I have seen, a high percentage of our nation's prison population has exploded because of substance abuse.  Now this may not be a surprise to you but while we build bigger jails, we also need to be proac...

  Taking a Stand: Highland Challenger League

The expression "play ball" will mean just a little more to a group of local ballplayers next month when players from The Highland Challenger League will play an exhibition game during this year's Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

  Taking A Stand: EVSC Summer Projects

While our students may have the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed pace during the summer break, it is a very busy time for the EVSC. Every year we complete a long list of projects during the break, but two in particular stand out this summer.

  Taking a Stand: Freedom of the Press

These days it seems harder and harder to find political issues that many conservatives and liberals can find common ground on, but to me, one of the most important is the Freedom of the Press.

Taking a Stand: Suicide prevention

This week, we reported on the passing of Fashion Designer Kate Spade. Ms. Spade was 55-years-old.

Taking a Stand: Drums on the Ohio

In 1978 Drums on the Ohio made its debut in the Evansville area.  Since then, thousands of young men and women have lived out their dreams by pursuing their passion of performing.

Taking a Stand: 2016 Evansville city budget

The process by which the Evansville City Council approved the 2016 city budget has certainly been criticized by many.

Taking a stand: help those in need

Over 100 tornadoes have hit the mid-west in the past 3 days. Luckily the Tri-State has been spared, but the memories are still fresh in the minds of many when it comes to the damage Mother Nature can cause.

Taking a stand: the Salvation Army's War on Hunger

I was invited to the Salvation Army a few weeks ago to tour the food pantry and food kitchen project in Evansville.

Taking a Stand: Support the MDA Telethon

In support of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon here on 14 WFIE.

Taking a Stand: The McChrystal Situation

A commentary by 14 WFIE Vice-President and General Manager Nick Ulmer.

Taking a Stand: Thank You...and Goodbye

VP and GM Debbie Bush is headed for a new job within the company but won't forget her time here at WFIE.