UofL suspends travel to China despite “low” risk for coronavirus in Louisville

“We’ve had zero suspected or confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus here in Louisville,” Director Dr. Lori Caloia said.

  Flu cases on the rise in the Tri-State lead to longer wait times at clinics

N.C. man charged $2,300 for walking through ER doors for cat scratch

Vaping, e-cigarettes aren’t a ‘gateway’ to teen smoking, study says

Anxiety, panic disorder medication recalled over potential foreign substance

Humid, windy days are worse for pain, study says

  Evansville VA holding drive-thru flu shot clinic

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  Officials at Albion Fellows Bacon Center getting word out about ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’

  Vanderburgh Co. Health Department gets first batch of flu shots

  Hepatitis A numbers continue to increase in Hopkins Co.

  'Let’s Chalk About It’ event held in Evansville

More vaping illnesses reported

  ‘Let’s Chalk About it’ mental health to be held Saturday

  Peace of Mind Special - Raising Resilience

Did you know you know that a simple gesture or kind word can change the life of a child? It’s a simple concept with a powerful outcome.

Illinois bans smoking in cars with anyone under 18

Violators could get a fine up to $100 for the first offense and up to $250 each time after that.

Gibson General Hospital giving away 150 booster seats, checking car seats

Gibson General Hospital is hosting a Booster Seat Bash to offer free car seat checks and give away 150 booster seats.

  Parents warned to watch out for teen vaping as school year starts

E-cigarette use is on the rise among teens, and it’s something parents will want to watch out for as children head back to class. It’s a trend that’s been in the headlines for the past few weeks and is troubling doctors and school administrators.

  USI hosts annual Mental Health Summit

  Indiana State Department of Health issues warning over West Nile virus

  Owensboro Health opts out of back up ambulance service contract

  Methodist Hospital gets ‘F’ safety grade in new report

  ’Cancer sucks’ tire rolling around town turns heads

  Organizations team up to bring awareness to child sexual abuse in southwest Indiana

  McConnell unveils bill to raise national smoking age to 21

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced legislation to broadly raise the tobacco purchasing age to 21 on Monday.

  Henderson Co. awarded grant for mental health services

The $9-million grant will help schools enhance mental health supports, provide youth mental health first aid training and trauma-informed practices, and improve social-emotional skills.

  Special Report: Digital Disorder

With more people playing, and sometimes doing it for hours on end, it’s becoming a real health concern.

  Children abused, families move

A federal agency has ignored a 2006 federal law requiring the creation of a national child abuse registry, leaving an untold number of children in harm’s way when their families move to new states.

  Failed and Forgotten

The deaths of hundreds of children because of abuse or neglect goes unnoticed every year by agencies that protect kids. Congress and a 45-year-old law are largely to blame.

  A trifecta of failures puts kids at risk

When children die because of abuse or neglect, child protection agencies are often blamed – they are underfunded and overworked. But there are many other culprits who failed children.

  14 News Special Report: Weather the Storm

It's natural to make or change plans based on the weather, but for some people, a stormy forecast is almost paralyzing.

  Several hospitals lifting visitation restrictions due to decline in flu

Due to the decline of flu cases, several local hospitals lifting visitation restrictions.

  Memorial for Henderson mother held at Evansville riverfront

Friends and family of Chloe Abdikadir welcomed the community to honor domestic violence victims. Police say Abdikadir was killed by her husband.

  New report shines light on Tri-State health by county

According to the 2019 report, five counties in the Tri-State ranked in the top 15 in the state for health factors and four were top 25 in overall health.

Doctors say pale is the new tan

In an effort to maintain a sun-kissed look, many teens will start using tanning beds. But just one UV tanning session increases the chance of developing melanoma by 20 percent.

Trump aims to reduce veteran suicides with executive order

It's called the “President's Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide” – or PREVENT.

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

The movement to look and feel younger continues to be big business – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down.

  U.S. Attorney announces indictment of another former Armstrong coal employee

As we reported in July, eight former employees of Armstrong Coal were indicted by a grand jury. They are accused of lying about miner safety.

  Ohio Co. schools out the rest of week due to illness

Officials tell us Ohio County Schools will be out the rest of the week because of low attendance caused by illness.

Scientists discover how to make immune cells better at killing cancer

Scientists have discovered by fixing a defect in 'killer T cells,' they could actual help the fight against cancer.

Spain is the world’s healthiest country – the U.S. did not make the top 20

The U.S. dropped a spot because of deaths due to drug overdoses.

  Resilient Evansville hosts event to discuss children, teenagers mental health

Resilient Evansville is hosting the nationally-recognized Pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg.

  Resilient Evansville hosting Pediatrician Dr. Ginsburg on Tuesday

Dr. Ginsburg will talk about various topics on mental health. The goal of the program is to reduce the stigma and addressing those mental health needs.

  Peace of Mind: More Youth First social workers in schools

Youth First Social Workers are meeting kids where they are most, at school.

  Visitor restrictions in place at Owensboro Health because of flu

There is an increase in flu cases in the area, and Owensboro Health Regional Hospital has put visitor restrictions into place as a safeguard.

  Lack of sleep linked to cardiovascular disease, study says

Plaque buildup increases risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Santa honors boy’s Christmas wish by bringing $1,200 for cancer research

After an 8-year-old asked Santa to borrow money for kids with cancer, word spread quickly among family friends and colleagues, and the boy found $1,200 under the tree Christmas morning.

Blood pressure medication recalled due to ‘unexpected impurity’

According to the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is voluntarily recalling two lots of Losartan potassium tablets,

Doctors baffled after 11-year-old girl’s brain tumor disappears

Even after double-checking the girl’s brain scans to confirm the results, doctors could find no trace of her tumor, which they say they can’t explain.

Most drug overdoses involve fentanyl, CDC finds

The study found illicit drugs like fentanyl, heroin and cocaine were the leading causes of unintentional overdoses, and prescription drugs were more likely to be involved in suicidal overdoses.

  ECHO Dental Clinic Coming in January

A new dental clinic is set to open in January at ECHO Community Health’s main campus. ECHO’s CEO Sandee Strader McMillen told us that after years of planning, ECHO Community Health will soon offer full service on-site dental care for lower income or uninsured patients.

  St. Vincent’s New Therapeutic Sensory Playground

Children and their families were the first to check out the Patricia Browning Stone Sensory Playground at Monday’s grand opening. But the Tri-State’s newest indoor and outdoor playground has a greater purpose - helping children with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD).

  NICU babies dressed up for Halloween

Most of the babies who land in a neonatal intensive care unit need help just to eat and breathe. So the NICU can be a scary place.But these St. Vincent nurses helped make Halloween a little less spooky for babies and their families.

  Domestic violence class for victim’s family, friends coming to Albion Fellows

October is domestic violence awareness month but come January a new class for victim's friends and families will be offered at Albion Fellows Bacon Center equipping victim's loved ones with communication tools and approaches to effectively help victims of domestic violence.

  14 News Special: Choosing to Survive

The one hour special is hosted by our Beth Sweeney.

  Hemp in Henderson, couple grows hemp for CBD oil on family farm

A Henderson couple is growing hemp for CBD oil on their family farm as part of the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Alex Russell and Michael Johns say hemp, the non-psychoactive botanical cousin of marijuana, has health benefits without the high.

  Sisters design customized prosthetic leg

12-year-old Hannah Murphy wears a prosthetic leg drawn and designed by her and her sister, Jordan. Hannah has worn a prosthetic leg since she was a baby, after losing her leg and most of her fingertips to Meningitis. She gets a new prosthetic every year but this time she wanted to make it personal.

  Doctors say flu vaccines protect entire community, not just us

Doctors say flu vaccinations keep the entire community safe, especially those who are most susceptible to getting sick.

Wise Choice Munchie Map marks healthier foods at Fall Festival

Healthier food options at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

VA Healthcare Center offers flu shots for vets

It’s advised to get your flu shot yearly especially if you’re elderly.

GRAPHIC: ‘Black, hairy tongue’: Yes, this really happens

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine said a 55-year-old woman developed the tongue condition as a side-effect to treatment of a wound infection she developed after sustaining severe leg injuries in an auto accident.

  EVSC tests lead levels in water

Lead levels were found above EPA standards at some schools in Evansville. Now, 20 schools have installed new water fixtures.

  Tell City residents concerned over possible contamination

Paul Alvey lives a block away from what used to be the General Electric factory. In July, he received a letter in the mail requesting that an environmental study is done inside his house. He started wondering if he and his family had been living in dangerous conditions.

  PD SELF helps people with Parkinson's

A unique program is coming to the tri-state designed to help people recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Boyett Treatment Center celebrates grand opening

Evansville's Boyett Treatment Center is moving to a bigger location in hopes of expanding their reach.

  Owensboro Health awards over $669k in grants to numerous agencies

More than three dozen regional agencies learned they'll be getting funding from Owensboro Health Tuesday.

Healthy tech habits for parents, kids

As the rest of the Tri-State students go back to school this week many schools are trading books for tablets.

  YMCA unveils new workout technology

There's a new technology to help you get fit in Henderson.

  Local doctors say not to worry about national EpiPen shortage

A national EpiPen shortage continues, and some parents tell us they're running into the problem at local pharmacies too.

  EXCLUSIVE: Only IN suicidologist talks on how personal story helps her save lives

A staff member at a local psychiatric hospital is saving lives.

  Peace of Mind: Easing back-to-school anxiety

The first day of school is exciting, but can also be scary for some children.  In a special Peace of Mind project, an expert with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation offered this advice for parents.

Peace of Mind: Suicide Awareness

Our Peace of Mind special "Suicide Awareness" aired July 26, 2018, on WFIE and WNIN.

  Peace of Mind: Suicide Survivor

"She was the best mom, honestly.  I can't even put it into words how good she was.  It was like magic watching her go through all these problems and come out on the good side.  She always stayed positive," said 19-year old Mikayla Strother.  Her nickname was Smiley. "You would've never been able to tell anything was going on with her.  She would just put a smile on.  She'd do what she had to do for me and my sisters." Behind that sm...

Summit held at USI to shed light on veterans mental health

Veteran mental health was at the forefront of a summit held Tuesday in Evansville.

Peace of Mind: Depression and Suicide rates among first responders are skyrocketing

Firefighters, police, EMT'S and paramedics are on the front lines of emergency situations every day, and it takes a toll.

  Peace of Mind: Safe in Schools

Our Peace of Mind special "Safe in Schools" aired March 21, 2018 on WFIE and WNIN.

Daviess Co. sheriff's deputies prepare for active shooter situations

Daviess County sheriff's deputies are now more prepared for active shooter situations.

Peace of Mind Project: Mental Health in Kentucky schools

When the Johnson Brothers visit Dave at RiverValley Behavioral Health, they say its like hanging out with a good friend. "He's really good at helping you cheer up when you're down."

Crisis Stabilization Unit could come to downtown Evansville

A one-of-its-kind crisis stabilization unit is in the works in Evansville. United Caring Service has plans to bring much needed substance abuse resources to its downtown facility.

Rash of threats follow school shootings

Post Parkland threats forced police action and lock outs at schools across our area.

Tri-State schools on alert after Parkland, FL shooting

What happened in Parkland, Florida, changed something about how the nation and the Tri-State react to school shootings.