Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons

Chief Meteorologist

Evansville, IN

Jeff joined the 14 News team in 1988. The Indiana University graduate currently anchors the weathercasts for 14 News at 4, 5, 6, and 10.

Jeff earned his National Weather Association seal of approval in 1991 and the American Meteorological Society seal of approval and certification as a meteorologist in 1993.

The proud father of three appears at over 40 schools a year and speaks to civic groups about weather casting.

Recent Articles by Jeff

  Cloudy with showers through next week

  Clouds and showers return

  Sunny and cool to finish the week

  Cloudy, cool, scattered showers

  Showers Tuesday, cooler temps

  Rainy and cooler start to the weekend

  Warmer Friday, more rain to start the weekend

  Showers and thunder overnight, warmer Friday

  Showers and storms return Wednesday & Thursday

  Warm temps, midweek storms

  Spring in full swing this week

  Sunny and milder weekend

  Hard Freeze Friday morning, milder weekend

  Freezing temps Thursday and Friday morning.

  Showers tonight, cooler finish to the week

  Sunny start to the week, cooler temps & rain on the way

  Severe storms possible Saturday night

  On alert for overnight storms Saturday into Sunday

  Severe storms likely Thursday evening, new alert day for Saturday

  On Alert for severe storms Thursday afternoon/evening

  On Alert for severe storms Thursday

  Showers and thunderstorms return this week

  Sunny and pleasant start to spring

  Clearing and milder for the weekend

  A few severe storms possible Wednesday evening

  On alert for strong storms Wednesday

  On alert for strong storms on Wednesday

  On alert for more heavy rain, flooding Friday night and Saturday

  On alert for flooding through Saturday

  Mild Thursday, on alert for heavy rain, flooding Friday