More parents come forward with claims of severe bullying in Gibson Co.

More parents come forward with claims of severe bullying in Gibson Co.
Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 6:29 PM CST
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PRINCETON, Ind. (WFIE) - We’ve heard from more Gibson Co. mothers who say their children are being severely bullied at school.

It comes after we spoke with one mother with same claims last week.

“She would get called names, pushed in the hallway, they told her she had lice, they told her she had diseases. It got bad enough there were a couple of gun threats,” said Alanna Tinsley.

Tinsley is 12-year-old October’s mom.

She says her daughter has been severely bullied for the past year at Princeton Community Middle School.

“Sending her to school, she was just very vacant,” said Tinsley.

She says the school did everything they could to help, but the kids wouldn’t let up.

“I felt messed up sending her like I couldn’t do anything, I just had to send her back and hope she made it through the day,” said Tinsley.

She finally made the decision to move her to online school.

“She is now actively participating in classes, something that she would never do,” said Tinsley.

Tinsley isn’t the only mom to come forward after we first reported on Starr Peech speaking up about her daughter who has similar claims.

“She’s been bullied by the same two kids,” said Isabel Cintron.

Cintron says her 8-year-old daughter goes to Princeton Intermediate School.

“She’s getting bullied for red hair, she getting shoved, she’s getting written ‘I hate you’ on her thigh,” said Cintron.

She says it’s been going on for the past four years and unlike Tinsley, says the school isn’t doing anything about it.

“North Gibson School Corporation, they’re failing our children,” said Cintron.

In a statement from the school corporation they said they cannot comment on complaints that may not have been reported for review but that the district has always and will continue to have expectation that all reports of student misconduct are taken seriously and fully investigated.

Something everyone can agree on? Bullying needs to stop.

“I’ve had it,” said Cintron.

“I don’t know if it’s this generation, I don’t know if it’s the parenting, but something needs to be done,” said Tinsley.