Local high school football players honored at Evansville Downtown Quarterback Club All City event

Local high school football players honored at Evansville Downtown Quarterback Club All City event
Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 7:26 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Earlier today, our very own Mike Blake emceed the 84th annual Evansville Downtown Quarterback Club All City event.

Head coaches Evansville SIAC teams nominate players, and then the players can vote for anyone except for those on their own team. This year, 23 players comprised the All City team, with Elijah Wagner being named the outstanding Player and team captain.

“He finished this year, not sixth in the SIAC, folks, he was the sixth best runner, at the time, in America,” said Mike Blake as Wagner approached the front.

“Coming up as a freshman and not playing as much until now, just putting all the hard work in is really showing, so yeah, it feels good,” said Elijah Wagner.

Also at the event, Reitz Head Coach Cory Brunson was named the Gary West Coach of the year. And it wasn’t his first time getting an award from the club.

“In this conference, it means a lot,” said Coach Brunson. “We have a lot of great coaches in this conference. I look up to a lot of these guys. It’s an honor to be on here, it’s an honor to be honored as a player. My dad was on here, it’s just a lot of great history being a part of this organization.”

Read the full list below:

2023 All-City Team


Center - Delshan Davis - North

Guard - Ben Brasher - North

Guard - Andrew Jones - Memorial

Tackle - Quentin Boeke - Reitz

Tackle - Timmy Dixon - North

Wide Receiver - Roland Vera Jr. - Reitz

Wide Receiver - Luke Ellspermann - Memorial

Wide Receiver - Hayden Summers - Reitz

Quarterback - Elijah Wagner - Bosse

Running back - Cainen Northington - North

Running back - Troy Davis - Reitz

Running back - Porter Rode - Memorial


Defensive Lineman - Jayden Hazelwood - North

Def. Lineman - Calab Utley - Reitz

Def. Lineman - Levi Oxley - Reitz

Def. Lineman - Kaleb Harris - North

Linebacker - Royal Elliot - Bosse

Linebacker - Ayden Wells - Reitz

Linebacker - AJ Coates - Reitz

Linebacker - Alex Broshears - Memorial

Def. Back - Arron Finott Jr. - Bosse

Def. Back - Wyatt Stratman - Mater Dei

Def. Back - JJ Lowery - Memorial

Outstanding Player (Team Captain)

Elijah Wagner - Bosse

Gary West Coach of the Year

Cory Brunson - Reitz