Evansville election results wrap with historic results including Democratic sweep

One Republican candidate will represent on City Council
Evansville election results wrap with historic results including Democratic sweep
Published: Nov. 8, 2023 at 8:29 AM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville has a new mayor-elect, along with a few new City Council members.

Mayor-elect, Stephanie Terry was joined by the rest of Evansville’s Democratic candidates in a full sweep Tuesday night.

Newcomer Mary Allen led the City Council candidates as the top vote-getter, followed by Courtney Johnson of Young and Established and Labor leader Paul Green.

Two Republican incumbents were voted out, Jonathan Weaver who was first elected in 2011, and Ron Beane.

In the ward races, Ben Trockman won re-election in the 1st Ward over Joshua Edwards.

Missy Mosby, who defeated Natalie Rascher four years to keep her 2nd Ward seat, cruised to victory over Maytes Rivera.

In the third ward, Zac Heronemus won re-election over Joe Kratochvil.

We also know the only Republican who won is 5th Ward Councilor Angela Koehler Lindsey. She ran unopposed.

Not only was history made with the sweep, but Terry will also become Evansville’s first woman mayor, as well as the first Black mayor.

Our team at the watch party asked her what her plans are when she takes office.

“I’m gonna build strong coalitions talk about business expansion and creation,” Terry said. “Being sure I build a strong team that works around me, it’s gonna be an A team if we want to continue to be progressive in how we move things forward.”

While one side was in celebration, while the other wondered what had gone wrong.

All in all, only one Republican went on to win her seat, unopposed incumbent 5th Ward City Councilwoman Angela Koehler Lindsey.

“Just to watch this team that had been together for the last, you know, really about the last nine months just really hitting it hard and the work that went into that, and to watch that work kind of go down the drain,” says Koehler Lindsey, “it was not the result that was expected.”

Vanderburgh County GOP Chairman Mike Duckworth says while it wasn’t the outcome they wanted, that’s the way elections sometimes go, and all they can do now is look to the future.

“We I think did all that we could, and the people have spoken and we accept that. We had several young candidates and I just don’t want them to get discouraged because they’re good people and they would serve the community well,” says Koehler Lindsey.

As for Koehler Lindsey, she now has the task of being the only representative of her party on city council. With her experience, she says it’s not daunting, but something she’s looking forward to.

“It will be interesting to see how things go. I feel that we’ll be able to work together and to move things forward. You know, we are a two-party system, and so you want to have differing points of view, and so I will have that opportunity to give that differing point of view,” says Koehler Lindsey.