Update: Jeepers replace money from stolen tip jar, and then some

Update: Jeepers replace money from stolen tip jar, and then some
Published: Oct. 29, 2023 at 6:40 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - We told you last week about a tip jar, stolen out of the north side Dairy Queen drive through, by the driver of a Jeep.

Sunday, we spoke with other area Jeep owners set out to clear their name.

Dozens of them showed up at the fast food restaurant to show their support to the workers.

Employees at Dairy Queen say it restored their faith in people.

When the jar was stolen, Shift Lead Erin Liberknecht says she heard coins rattle, but didn’t think anything of it.

[Tip jar thief caught on camera stealing from Evansville Dairy Queen]

“I went to go take the next person’s money, and then right away I went, ‘I think they just took our tip jar,’” said Liberknecht.

While there was only about $20 in the jar at the time, she says the theft was really disappointing.

“We’ve had the tip jar for three years, and have never had a problem,” said Liberknecht. “It kind of just makes us not trust people now.”

Employees shared the video on Facebook, where many people noticed the thief’s car was a Jeep.

Ryan Sermersheim, President of the Evansville Area Jeep Club, says some other Jeep owners in town decided to help out.

“If there’s anything we don’t like, that’s people in Jeeps giving us a bad name,” he said.

For Sermersheim and dozens of other so-called Jeepers who showed up Sunday, Jeeps are more than cars.

It’s more of a lifestyle than just a vehicle. It’s a common interest that we all can share, and we can all relate to each other, and we have fun doing it,” said Sermersheim.

The group raised upwards of $200 online before their event event started

“We wanted to come out in force, show them this is what the club is all about. This is what Jeepers truly are, and not let one Jeep leave a bad taste in everybody’s mouth,” said Sermersheim.

Employee Abby Yates says the Jeepers kindness helps restore her faith in her community.

We were blown away. We did not expect for it to blow up this big. We just wanted to find the person and get our tip jar back,” said Yates.

The club was able to raise a total of more than $500 for the employees at the end of the day to replace the stolen tip jar.