Parents concerned after 6-year-old sneaks out of school

Parents concerned after 6-year-old sneaks out of school
Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 10:21 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A set of Evansville parents are concerned after their child was able to escape Tekoppel Elementary earlier this week.

The parents say their six-year-old boy Braylon was able to make it all the way home before school officials located him.

The Robbs say they have cameras posted all over their home and were able to see their child standing outside around 10 a.m. on Tuesday. They say they’re worried about whether or not he could have been found earlier.

Braylon’s mother, April Robb says he snuck out of Tekoppel Elementary.

“We found out he had crawled out of a window that was opened in the bathroom,” said April.

Braylon walked all the way home, which according to google maps is around a 14 minute walk, and then had to wait outside.

Naturally, the house was locked, he tried waving down cars, and naturally, all of his family was worried.

“I was angry, but I knew I had to calm myself down,” said Braylon’s father, Jermaine Echols. “I was concerned, scared, like any other parent.”

They say school faculty later found Braylon, and he was alright. His mother, father and stepfather are upset that it happened at all and that it took a while for him to be found.

“If I would have lost my child, there would have been a DCS worker on my doorstep, and there would have been an investigation as to why my child was missing,” said Braylon’s father, Zachary Robb.

As it stands, they’ve been speaking with school staff.

April says she wants there to be a rule change, though she says she isn’t familiar with their current policies.

“They didn’t discuss the policies about what happens when a child goes missing, but we did discuss the things that we would like to see change, and that is head counts,” said April. “They need to be checking attendance more regularly.”

April says they also want there to be more cameras in the school.

When asking April if she had heard of any other cases of this happening at an EVSC School, she said she did not.

We reached out to the school corporation for a statement on the incident. They say they’re working closely with this family to make sure there are appropriate systems in place to prevent the student from leaving school again in the future.