Two people hospitalized after shooting at Vann Park Apts. in Evansville

Two people hospitalized after shooting at Vann Park Apts. in Evansville
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 10:07 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville police are investigating Wednesday’s shooting at Vann Park Apartments. They say it happened as part of a fight between two men, and police are trying to determine which of the two was the victim.

EPD says this started Wednesday night just before 10 when they went to Vann Park Apartments, responding to a shots fired report. They say they found two men who had been shot.

They say both were conscious and alert, and after they each gave their side of the story to police, EPD says they’re still trying to figure out which of them is more to blame for what happened.

So far, the investigation into the incident that left two men shot at Vann Park Apartments has raised more questions than answers.

“Which one is actually the offender, which one’s the victim?” said Gray. “Are they both the offender? Are they both the victim? Is it going to be a mutual combat type of thing where both of them are charged, or may neither one of them is charged? It’s kind of up to the victims, or both of them too, if they even want to pursue charges.”

EPD says the men knew each other from school years prior, and ran into each other at a gas station. One was walking and asked for a ride.

After dropping him off, the driver told police he noticed some of his money was missing and accused the other man of taking it, which he denied. Police say this escalated into a fight, and eventually both men pulled out guns and shot each other.

EPD says neither man has changed his story, so they’re searching for more information.

“Some of these types of investigations do take a while because we do need to talk to other individuals maybe who were involved, who saw something, who heard something, go back maybe if there’s surveillance video,” said Gray. “These can be lengthy, but again we want to make sure we’re arresting the right person.”

EPD says both men were hurt, one more so than the other, and they expect each of them to recover. Police say the two may face charges for criminal recklessness for damage done to nearby property.

“Those bullets go inside doors and walls pretty easily, so shooting at each other, you’re still liable for any of those bullets,” said Gray. “Luckily no one else got injured, but somebody easily could have.”

EPD says neither man has been charged yet, and they don’t think the two will be charged with attempted murder, but it is possible the two could be facing charges for battery resulting in serious bodily injury.