‘Have no fear, God is here’: Madisonville girl gets her wish granted

‘Have no fear, God is here’: Madisonville girl gets her wish granted
Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 8:03 AM CDT
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MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Today, Ellie Nelson’s Disney wish was granted.

14 News’ Reporter Haley Kerby, sat down with Ellie Nelson and her parents to share her story.

Ellie’s parents said they first noticed something was wrong in March of last year

“Within a week’s time, her coordination and balance just plummeted. She couldn’t take two steps without falling sideways,” said Andrea Nelson, Ellie’s mom.

That’s when Andrea and Caleb Nelson brought their then 3-year old to the doctor. Their pediatrician then immediately called the neurology department in Louisville.

“By the grace of God we got in that day,” said Andrea.

Then came the diagnosis.

“It was an emergency surgery to get the pressure released, and it confirmed that she has a rare form of brain cancer, a Tectal Glioma,” said Andrea

It was on her brain stem, making it impossible to remove.

Her dad, Caleb, said “With the initial diagnosis, shock, fear, doubt, worry all the negative thoughts.”

But through faith, support, and Ellie’s pure joy, hope prospered.

Andrea shared, “I, can’t imagine myself as an adult going through just the discomfort and the stress of it.”

And Caleb, “It’s definitely not something you would wish for but also seeing her strength and attitude each and every day how could you ‘woe is me’.”

In March of this year, Ellie went through 10 straight weeks of chemo-therapy.

Now, she is in the midst of chemo-therapy, with four weeks on and three weeks off at a time.

But this hasn’t stopped Ellie from loving Disney princesses, dressing up as one each day, and dancing around in her own personal kingdom.

“In the morning before breakfast she might be Cinderella, then by lunch she’ll be Tiana” said Andrea.

In June, Ellie’s family in partnership with Ideal Markets, worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation to fund Ellie’s dream of meeting Disney princesses.

Kim Simons, Engagement Manager with Ideal Markets, spearheaded the fundraiser. She said, “You just couldn’t find a better group of people to try and raise some funds for something they believe in”

Ideal Markets, offered customers the chance to buy stars for $1 or $5 dollars that would go directly to Ellie’s Make-A-Wish fund.

In just one week, more than enough money was raised by those customers at Ideal markets.

That’s when they knew they could grant Ellie’s wish.

The organizations decided to reveal the wish to Ellie in a special way and recruited some local high school students to do it.

Brooklynn Barnett was one of those students, she said, “I’m really glad that we get to make her day, just the littlest thing to know that people are there for her, people love her and she’s going to meet Disney princess come on. Hopefully she thinks we’re real!”

When the moment came for Ellie to learn she was going to Disney, there was a barn full of tears and a 4-year-old smiling ear to ear.

Andrea said, “The bad days, the pain, the everything, at the end of it she gets to spend it at the most special place in the whole wide world.”

As for Ellie, she shared her favorite motto that gets her through, “Have no fear, God is here!”

Ellie still has a ways to go in her treatment but her determination and bright attitude is a testament to how strong she really is.