New Turf Field Installations Approved for Castle and Boonville High Schools

New Turf
Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 10:44 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Earlier this week, the Warrick County School Corporation approved Turf Installation projects at both Castle and Boonville high schools.

Out go the grass football fields, in comes the turf. Speaking with Boonville High school Athletic Director Kevin Davis, it became clear this was more than just an upgrade for the football program.

“It takes this field from a single use facility for football games, and turns it into a multi-sport facility,” said Davis.

One of the concerns with turf fields is whether or not turf is as safe a surface as grass. Davis and Castle Head football coach Doug Hurt were both confident in the safety the new field will bring.

“Really the only games that we ever play on grass are home and Vincennes, everybody else has it. It doesn’t play a lot different than grass,” said Coach Hurt. “The old stuff that I played on at Indiana State? Very different, barbaric. I still feel it when I wake up in the morning. But, the new stuff is so good. Just based on experience, I think it’s every bit as safe, and some people would say safer than natural grass because of the cushion factor.”

“As technology has gotten better, I think studies show that safety has become about 1 to 1 with grass,” said Davis.

As to when the project will be finished?

“We hope to be ready to go by next fall. There’s a lot of things to still be ironed out with facilities, but we are going to start those processes next week and get with contractors, and get timelines on when materials can get in and when we can get things installed.”