Bosse principal to spend a year in D.C. advocating for educators

Bosse principal to spend a year in D.C. advocating for educators
Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 5:24 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - One local principal is going to be stepping away from school next year and heading to Washington D.C. across the country fighting on behalf of educators.

Bosse High School principal Aaron Huff is an Evansville native who’s worked his entire professional career in the tri-state. Starting soon he’s going to be spending a year advocating for educators and school administrators across the country.

Aaron Huff has been Bosse’s principal for five years, and he doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge how hard education can be on teachers.

“The climate in education right now is tough for people,” said Huff. “It’s tough for teachers. There’s a lot of demand on teachers, and so when you think about the demand, in most cases in the private sector when I increase your demand and increase your accountability, a lot of times I increase your pay.”

In addition to his role as a principal, he has also been on the board of the National Association of Secondary School Principals for six years, and he was recently voted in as its president. That means for the next year he’ll be working in Washington D.C. and across the country advocating for educators and school administrators.

He says his priorities include increasing teacher pay, increasing diversity in the workforce, and establishing partnerships in the private sector to give kids opportunities besides college after high school.

“If I give kids opportunities, I’m building a better workforce for you as an employer,” said Huff. “If you give me those opportunities and give kids those opportunities sooner, they come onto your work floor already prepared.”

Principal Huff says he’s also prioritizing security in schools. He says one of his first meetings will be with the Principal Recovery Network, which is made up of school leaders who have had shootings in their schools.

He says he has plans on what to do after meeting with them as well.

“Trying to put a little bit of pressure on folks in the White House and some political arenas to create change and focus it on safety for our schools and teachers and students alike,” said Huff.

He says his heart is with Bosse, but this next year will be a good opportunity to try and create positive change, and he’s eager to bring what he learns back home.

“We certainly want to make sure that our community is the best it can be because our schools are the best they can be,” said Huff.

Principal Huff is savoring his final days here in the tri-state since his next adventure begins on June 4.