Land near Weinbach explosion site sold

Land near Weinbach explosion site sold
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A plot of land that has sat empty since last August’s house explosion has been sold.

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1012 N. Weinbach Ave. used to be the home of Jessica Teague. She was one of three people that died in the explosion.

After her home and several others around the blast site were demolished, a local realtor says it was put on the market this month.

“I was the realtor of Jessica Teague. After the tragedy happened, her mother reached out to me and she wanted me to help her sell this property,” said Keller Williams realtor Christina Traweek. “This land went for sale a couple weeks ago. It’s currently pending sale, we’re scheduled to close Thursday.”

Traweek says Teague lived in the home for just a few months before the explosion. She says building something new on the land is the next step in moving forward.

Those with damaged homes are also looking to move forward in their efforts to rebuild and repair.

“I know they deemed the placed unlivable because of structural reasons,” said Brandon Bell, owner and operator of Bell Construction.

Bell is wrapping up work on a home just 100 feet from the blast. He says since the home was unlivable, rebuilding took some time.

“Understanding the explosion process and what it does to structures is way different than fires and waters around here,” Bell said.

Dozens of homes are still in need of repair due to damage caused by the explosion.

Many are being sold to investors, who are then fixing structural issues. Others are still owned by long-time residents who are hoping to get back into their homes soon.

Traweek says as of now, the blast site and other empty plots haven’t been sold.