House of Bread and Peace shelter closes temporarily due to water damage

House of Bread and Peace shelter closes temporarily due to water damage
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 6:21 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -The House of Bread and Peace homeless shelter in Evansville has closed their doors temporarily due to a massive water leak officials say.

“It’s stressful to experience housing insecurity and then to be displaced again is incredibly emotionally difficult,” said the Executive Director of House of Bread and Peace, Shelbie Auberry.

Auberry says the facility on East Chandler Ave was shut down after the leak left showers, toilets and sinks without running water.

“We were able to get every single person that we have here,” said Auberry. “Eighteen women, seven children to a safe place to be while we are working to get repairs done.”

She says the water damage in the house is extensive. Damages will have to be repaired and painted. Some pipes and a bath tub will have to be replaced also.

“It’s been a lot, it’s been very difficult but I am so grateful to our community partners,” said Auberry. “Everybody has come together to make sure that these individuals are safe”

Auberry says Echo housing corporation, Evansville’s YWCA, the West Side Nut Club and other community partners have provided shelter or support to those who were staying at the House of Bread and Peace.

“I mean with the amount of people we support we have to have that to continue laundry, showers, bathrooms” said Auberry. “All of those things are vital to running the house of bread and peace.”

Auberry says they will be back open as soon as repairs are finished. She says the House of Bread and peace homeless shelter is accepting monetary donations at this time.

Click here to donate to the House of Bread and Peace.