Eagle Scout dedicates project to rebuilding Dawson Springs landmark

Eagle Scout dedicates project to rebuilding Dawson Springs landmark
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 9:52 PM CST
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) - As tragedy struck in Dawson Springs in December 2021, Timothy Petit and his son Josiah rushed to help whoever they could.

While many were worrying about the problem at hand, Timothy says Josiah was thinking ahead.

“It brought joy to my heart as my son is sitting there saying, ‘We need to get this process started,’” Timothy Petit said.

At the time, Josiah was a Life Scout looking to make the final step to the rank of Eagle.

Josiah wanted to help out a place he’d known his entire life after seeing the devastation first-hand.

“We sometimes have troop meetings here and it’s just a fun place to go, especially after school,” Josiah said.

The six-month build began in May. Tim says they needed the approval of the city, which they were granted. After that though, they were on their own, but were able to find help within the community.

“People in my troop and volunteers helped me build it,” Josiah said.

50 volunteers to be exact. Another example of the Dawson Springs community pulling together in their toughest hour.

“The sign before, it wasn’t in the best of shape before the tornado hit,” Tim said. “But now they have a nice sign that should last them a lot of years, and I hope that as we build back that’s what we’re thinking the future is.”

Josiah and Tim both have high hopes for the city of Dawson Springs.

“Obviously not everything is going to be rebuilt, but to rebuild what can be rebuilt,” Josiah said is his hope for the future.

Tim hopes to see the park restored to a place where the community can enjoy a place they’ve known so well.

“We’re coming back, we’re a step [closer],” Tim said. “We’ve still got a lot of money to raise to build the park, but we’re one step closer to getting that park coming back.”

Josiah, seeing his project through till the end, hopes his project is a true “sign” of the times to come.

“People will see it and I know it will bring joy to people, especially after what happened,” Josiah said.

There are still plans for the park to be rebuilt, but it will be some time before that takes shape.

The sign won’t be going anywhere though, Tim says, the location was picked specifically to work around the park restoration when it happens.