Name of moped rider released in deadly crash

Name of moped rider released in deadly crash
Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 5:20 AM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Gone in an instant.

A family is grieving after their loved one was hit and killed in a moped crash.

It happened last night on University Parkway in Vanderburgh County.

William Hutchins was 35 years old, and leaves behind two children.

His sister, Kimmi Grimm says he left his house last night with the lights on his moped on.

“My mother has to bury a second son because of this. And I don’t understand it,” Grimm said.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson says both drivers were heading north, near the intersection of Hogue Road.

Robinson says the driver hit Hutchins from behind, and told them they did not see him in time to stop.

“It gets really dark out here, and if a driver cant see somebody on a moped, within the distance of their headlights or their brights, there’s a problem,” Grimm said.

Grimm, shared a photo from surveillance video with, showing him leaving his home Sunday night, with back and front lights on.

Initial reports from the sheriff’s office say the moped didn’t have any lights, but Sheriff Robinson says there may have been.

“We don’t definitively know whether the lights were on or off. It’s one of the things our investigators are looking into right now. Vehicles that have an incandescent bulb, are easier to determine whether the vehicle was struck while the lights were operable. Newer vehicles have LED bulbs so we’re working through that right now. The LED bulb or incandescent bulb, we’re not sure which on the back of the moped was severely damaged by the impact,” Robinson said.

While investigators look into the crash, Grimm is left processing the tragedy.

“I just had to sit down with my nephew, and explain to him, his dad was killed last night, in an ugly accident. Which you cant explain, you cant explain it. It’s not easy.”

She says her brother always had her back, and had a smile that was contagious.

“I hope everybody realizes that family is everything. Family is all you have. I won’t take another second for granted. With my kids, with my family,” Grimm said.

Grimm says her family will make funeral arrangements tomorrow.

Sheriff Robinson says the crash is still under investigation, but is not likely the driver will face any charges.

He also added investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor.