UE Changemaker Challenge project ‘Hydration Station’ still thriving

UE Changemaker Challenge project ‘Hydration Station’ still thriving
Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 7:08 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The University of Evansville’s 2021-22 Changemaker Challenge third-place winner Jake Deig is making headway with his “Hydration Station.”

”I think when people hear you talk about something you believe in they begin to believe in it too,” said Deig. “And that’s the beginning of what change is.”

Deig was a senior at Castle High School when he placed in the top three of the Changemaker Challenge.

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Almost a year later, there are two Hydration Stations in Evansville providing free easily accessible clean drinking water to the community.

YMCA Executive Director Sean Kuykendall says once he heard about the nonprofit in a meeting, he knew the YMCA had to partner with them.

“They told us about their product and I said that’s perfect for us,” said Kuykendall. “It really gets a way for kids to have fun and think about drinking water as a fun thing, not just because you have to.”

Deig says the station at the CenterPoint YMCA on South Gordon Street is special.

”There’s this whole educational component that’s new to us as well that we never thought we’d be doing,” said Deig.

The Hydration Station filter is mounted on multiple walls throughout the YMCA. He says they’re going to teach kids about water filtration and how it works.

He says the Hydration Station team is working on placing more stations throughout the city of Evansville. With the help of multiple partnerships, about three Hydration Stations are projected to pop up on the map within a year’s time, Deig says.

Hydration Station is growing at a fast rate and Deig says they’re looking to expand their team. He says if you’re ambitious and passionate about serving the community, reach out to the nonprofit.

Click here to get in contact with Evansville’s own Hydration Station.

Deig says they’re also hoping to place a Hydration Station in front of Old National Bank and on UE’s campus.