New body cam footage shows law enforcement response to shooting

New body cam footage shows law enforcement response to shooting
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 2:38 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - We have new body cam footage showing the reaction from law enforcement the night of Thursday’s shooting, and giving us another glimpse of their perspective.

The video comes from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, which shared the footage from eight different deputies. Its gives us an idea of what they were seeing as they responded to a potentially deadly situation.

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For law enforcement, the night began with a call from dispatch.

“All cars be advised, an active shooter at Walmart west, Walmart west,” said dispatchers. “All cars be advised, an active shooter at 335 South Red Bank Road. We’ve got a gunshot to the head.”

Vanderburgh County sheriff’s deputies were among those who responded immediately, rushing to the scene.

“We’re being told by multiple callers the shooter’s going to be in the back office area, back office area,” said dispatchers.

Upon arrival, law enforcement began clearing civilians from the area.

Tensions were high as law enforcement gathered inside the store and searched for the then-active shooter.

Law enforcement struggled to identify their other groups as they searched, until the shooter gave away his position.

Law enforcement moved to converge on the sound of gunfire. As they got closer, the conflict came to a sudden end.

After the sound of shots, law enforcement can be heard saying, “Do you see anything?” “He’s down.”

Officials then started searching the store for other possible threats.

The search continued until law enforcement were confident the store was safe.

As we’ve already reported, a sign at the doors indicates the store will be open for business once again Wednesday morning at 6 AM.