Newburgh Town Council plans to improve area infrastructure

Council members need community input for 10-year plan
Newburgh Town Council plans to improve area infrastructure
Published: Jan. 11, 2023 at 10:24 PM CST
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NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Several new developments will be coming for the town of Newburgh in 2023.

Newburgh Town Council members plan to improve Lou Dennis Community Park and the Rivertown Trail, and will also be adding a fourth shelter house to the park, which will increase the capacity of community gatherings. $200,000 will be put into preventing flood water from damaging the bridge on the Rivertown Trail.

Council members want to continue more developments within the town and need community input for their 10-year plan.

Newburgh Council member Allyson Shelby says this will give the community a chance to help shape Newburgh for the next decade.

“Where do people want our focus to be in the next 10 years? Public safety, fire department, police department,” Shelby said. “What are people’s concerns in this town and where do they think our resources would be best spent. And if we don’t hear from the public, then we’re not going to know who we’re representing and know what their thoughts are.”

Residents have another month to fill out the community survey posted on the town’s website.

The Newburgh Town Council has launched live streaming on the town’s official Facebook page, allowing the community to engage in the meetings from the comfort of their home.