Trial begins for Evansville woman accused of confinement and rape

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Published: Nov. 27, 2022 at 10:03 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Heidi Carter’s jury trial began in Evansville Monday morning at 8 a.m.

Carter is accused of criminal confinement and rape.

Carter was arrested in October of last year after a man was killed on Stinson Avenue.

She was originally facing a murder charge in Timothy Ivy’s death, but that has since been dropped.

Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond is accused of beating Ivy and another victim.

Hammond was shot and killed by police.

Eight people took the stand today, and not only did we hear testimonies, we saw body camera and ring doorbell footage, and went through nearly 100 pieces of evidence.

Early on, the woman who says she was held captive, beaten, and raped by Heidi Carter and her boyfriend, Carey Hammond took the stand.

She says was having consensual sex with Timothy Ivy and Carter when Hammond busted through the door, wielding a baseball bat.

The victim says Hammond hit Ivy in the head with the bat.

She says she tried to jump on his back to get him to stop, and Carter yanked her onto the ground by her hair and put a gun, a .38 special revolver, in her face.

After that, the woman says Hammond also hit her in the head with the bat.

With Ivy and the woman being incapacitated after the bat swings, the two were restrained.

Ivy was bound with duct tape, and the woman was bound with straps, bungee cords, and duct tape.

Once bound, she recounted two instances of sexual assault at the hands of Hammond, all the while saying Carter was in the room with the gun, encouraging Hammond to make her go past the limits that had been set by the woman when they were arranging consensual sex between Carter, Ivy, and the woman.

She says Carter left the home, and while she was gone, Ivy ended up being strangled to death via a belt around his neck.

Later they say an unsuspecting woman who Carter picked up at a job site, Cynthia Weinzapfel, came over to help clean for a landlord inspection and accidentally sat on Ivy’s body.

When Weinzapfel took the stand, she said she also heard the woman crying out from the other room, and ran down the street to a state trooper’s home for help.

She noted that she had an active warrant at the time, but still decided to try and get help.

She says she was promised at the time that she wouldn’t be arrested if she stuck around, but still ended up in cuffs.

We heard from that state trooper today as he took the stand, recounting Weinzapfel knocking on his doors, and his subsequent response.

We also heard from the sheriff’s deputy who pulled the woman out of the home after Hammond was killed by police, and we got to see his body camera footage from that night.

He talked about he and other law enforcement going room to room, clearing the home before they stumbled across the woman and carried her out.

Multiple EPD crime scene detectives also took to the stand, showing evidence to the jury including the two baseball bats found at the home, several of the restraint devices, and pictures taken of the scene showcasing various sex toys and some of the different clothes that were taken into evidence.

Another man to take the stand, Jason Harvey, was the homeowner.

He says he met Carter at Lamasco Bar and Grill and had known her for roughly a week when he let her move into the downstairs of his home.

Harvey said on the stand that he was unaware anything was going on until he saw the police spotlights in the upstairs windows, where he says he immediately came outside with his hands up.

The State Prosecution says they’re currently ahead of schedule, and the trial could potentially wrap up as early as Tuesday.

Barring cross-examinations and drawn out arguments, the latest the judge, prosecution, and defense say things would go is to have the jury deliberating by Wednesday morning.