One building spared, one demolished in Cannelton as owner files temporary stay

One building spared, one demolished in Cannelton as owner files temporary stay
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 11:19 PM CST
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CANNELTON, Ind. (WFIE) - On Friday, a pair of buildings in Cannelton were scheduled to be demolished; however, only one was destroyed.

The pair of buildings sit across from one another at the intersection of Washington Street and Sixth Street, and according to Mayor Ralph Terry, they were set to be destroyed because they were determined to be unsafe.

“Two different inspectors have deemed them bad,” he said, explaining the emergency demolition order.

He said that as the first building fell, the owner, Carolyn Barr, was inside the other building to prevent its demolition. As that happened, her lawyer filed a stay to stop any further action.

“We were scheduled to take this building down also this morning, but the stay took effect just as this building was coming down,” the mayor explained.

A stay is a legal action that halts legal proceedings. They are typically temporary.

Speaking with 14 News, Barr said there is more to her side of the story, but she hasn’t yet explained it.

Mayor Terry was similarly quiet on the specifics.

“It’s in the courts,” he said. “[I] can’t speak a whole lot on the litigation. [The owners are] saying that [the buildings are] not unsafe and that they’re working on them.”

Mayor Terry said they want to get through the litigation as soon as possible to tear down the building.

14 News spoke with a neighbor who said that they do worry about the building collapsing, but over the last month or so they have seen construction work being done to at least board up windows and keep things relatively tidy.

14 News also spoke with Barr, and while she didn’t provide any information, a statement from her lawyer is expected.