Evansville man gifted with at-home wheelchair ramp following serious crash

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Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 6:54 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - On Aug. 27, a car sped through a stop sign, hitting Skip Chamberlain’s dump truck and flipping it on its side.

Chamberlain’s dump truck hit a pole and he was rescued by first responders.

After his story circulated on social media, an Evansville nonprofit chose to reach out to the Chamberlain family and offer a hand in Skip’s recovery process.

“I reached out to Sandy and Skip, to make sure that they can get in the house, because he broke so many bones in his legs and in his hips and things like that,” said Fraternal Order of Eagles River City 4023 secretary, Troy Haas. “So if he could get in his house and we realized there was no good way to get in his house.”

Haas shared Skip’s challenges with mobility in a meeting with the other River City Eagle members.

The members made a group decision to build Chamberlain an at-home wheelchair ramp and they started building the ramp on Thursday.

“I’m very blessed to have an organization like the Eagles to help a person in need, its really dear to my heart,” said Chamberlain.

River City Eagles members say they’re hoping to have the wheelchair ramp finished by Saturday.

If you’d like to help just reach out to them at the Franklin Street location or send a direct message to the ‘Skip Chamberlain Strong’ Facebook page.

Skip’s family is still raising money via the ‘Help Skip Chamberlain, His Life is Forever Changed‘ GoFundMe to cover the medical debt and additional surgeries Chamberlain will have to have in the coming months.

Chamberlain’s family says anything helps.