Beaver Dam nursing home residents toilet paper mayor’s yard for Halloween prank

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Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 5:05 PM CDT
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BEAVER DAM, Ky. (WFIE) - Halloween may be a notorious time of year for pranks, and usually that’s reserved for teenagers.

But on Thursday, an unlikely group got to try their hand at mischief-making – residents of the Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center.

COVID-19 meant that residents of the local nursing and rehab center didn’t get to get out much. Now that restrictions are loosening, they decided to utilize their newfound freedom for crime.

It may have started as a picturesque fall day in Beaver Dam, but soon a bus full of troublemakers pulled up to the mayor’s house. They wore masks and got to work adorning the mayor’s house and yard in toilet paper. At least one resident says she enjoys the life of crime.

“Oh it’s been lovely,” 98-year-old Jessie Spontak said. “I might continue to do so.”

The idea for the outing came from some of the center’s employees who saw something similar done elsewhere. They say it took a lot of coordinating to make it happen, but it didn’t take much for the city, or the mayor, to get on board, let alone the residents.

“They were very excited, very excited,” said Allissa Longsdon, marketing and admissions director at Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center.

“They’re all kids at heart, they all still enjoy getting out and doing things and with COVID, it has really hampered that,” said Shannon England, the business manager at Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center.

It didn’t take long for police to show up on scene and even put the center’s CEO in the back of a police car. After some convincing from the residents, the Beaver Dam police chief decided to set him free.

After the vandalism was complete, it was all smiles among the residents.

“My favorite part was just meeting people and being able to act a fool,” Spontak said.

“I’m just thrilled to be here,” center resident Gary Horn said.

Beaver Dam is a small town, so Mayor Paul Sandefur knows many of the people living at the rehab center. He says he’s grateful to see what the center is willing to do for them.

“I’m really impressed that they would do that and go that extra mile for the residents,” Sandefur said. “Put a smile on their face.”

The mayor says his house has been “TP’d” before, but previous groups had nothing on the group from Thursday.