The reasoning behind blue and teal pumpkins for Halloween?

What the color of a trick-or-treater’s candy bucket means
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Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 6:36 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - If you see a trick-or-treater with either a teal or a blue bucket, you need to know why.

They’re two very similar colors, but they mean two different things.

A teal bucket is carried by a child with special food allergies.

If you answer your door on Halloween and see one, politely ask the child if they have any allergies before giving them any candy.

Similarly, you can put a teal pumpkin or bucket on your doorstep to let families know you have allergy-friendly snacks.

Another color to watch out for is blue.

If someone has one of these buckets, Autism Evansville’s Kelsey Schapker says they might have special needs.

“Blue pumpkins in the autism community just might represent a child or teenager on the autism spectrum that may not be able to communicate the words trick-or-treat,” Schapker said.

She says if you see a child with a blue bucket, don’t force them to say trick-or-treat before giving them candy, because they may be nonverbal.

Carrying the blue basket is a way to let everyone enjoy Halloween without being singled out.

“The CDC has recognized that one in every 44 has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and that’s a lot,” Schapker said. “Blue buckets are also for other learning disabilities as well, maybe something like sensory processing disorder which is similar to autism in a lot of ways.”

When you answer the door this Halloween, check the color of the pumpkin.

Just because a child doesn’t say “trick-or-treat” doesn’t mean they don’t want your candy.

Blue and teal buckets can be found at Target in Evansville and Walmart in Newburgh for just $1.

If you have a child who either has special food allergies or is nonverbal, be on the lookout for these buckets, and maybe consider putting them in their hands this Halloween.