Large crack on Highway 1340 in Webster Co. garnering concern from nearby farmers

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Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 10:34 AM CDT
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WEBSTER CO., Ind. (WFIE) - A large crack on Highway 1340 near KY-874 that has doubled in size overnight.

Now the width of the road and extending into farming fields, land owners are becoming concerned.

“I’ve got $150,000 worth of tile down there, that now it’s going to be sinking,” said Danny Brown.

Brown is a former coal-miner and third generation farmer. He’s witnessed the mining come and go from beside his property.

“If you follow the shaft where they mined it goes all the way to Lisbon,” Brown said.

Brown’s fields are already dealing with major cracks that only formed in the past couple of days. That land he has and hopes to continue use of, is now in jeopardy.

“It’s going to lower my field,” Brown said. “It’s going to make an pond out of it, down through there. It’s going to hold water. Till it quits, and right now, it’s not going to quit until it hits bottom.”

Emergency Management says they’ve begun an emergency road repair, which Brown says is a bad idea.

“If they tried to go in there now, and try to fix it, they’re asking for more problems and more money wasted,” Brown said. “There’s no fixing to it, until mother nature settles it down, what man made.”

Nearby family and fellow farmers could be next. The progression of the crack has been rapid given the movement just overnight.

“We [farmers] don’t need more costs, we have enough costs now,” Brown said.

For now, the road is closed until further notice, according to estimates Brown has gathered from officials.

Kentucky Transportation has classified it as a sinkhole.

We’ve reached out to the state for a mining map of the area, we are waiting on a response. The electronic map on their website confirms that Brown’s land and the crack lies over an inactive mine.

We have calls into multiple agencies and nearby mining companies to confirm the company that used to mine that shaft.

Crack on Highway 1340 in Webster Co.
Crack on Highway 1340 in Webster Co.(WFIE)