The impact of inflation on the Fall Festival

The impact of inflation on the Fall Festival
Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 7:13 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival offers over 100 different booths and attractions to visit, and each of them is bringing something different.

One thing that’s fairly consistent, however, is some of the ingredients used in the goods.

Oil, as it turns out, is huge down here. You’ve got to have it to fry foods, and as Philip Zenthoefer says, is just one of the things that have gone up in price. It just so happens to play a huge role in creating those coveted Pronto Pups.

“One of our largest supplies is the oil that we’re deep-frying the Pronto Pups in,” says Zenthoefer, “so that for sure has been an issue, and even the supply chain with the hotdogs or whatever”

When the price of the materials goes up, so do the goods.

“We try to minimize, it’s been about a 15% increase is what we’ve seen,” says Zenthoefer.

It’s not just Zenthoefer and his Pronto Pups, other vendors across the board have seen these price increases and had to adjust.

Jessica Elfreich with the Golfmoor Baseball Association has had to account for their goods going up too.

“We did increase our porkchops by a dollar this year. They went up a dollar a pound on that,” says Elfreich, “last year the oil was a big increase in price, and then our potatoes went up several dollars also.”

Right down the road at booth 88 for St. Wendel Church, Elise Koester says the story is pretty much the same, however, she thinks the patrons of Fall Festival know that it’s not really about the prices.

“Every booth down here, it’s a fundraiser for whatever organization, whatever Parish, whatever,” says Koester, “so you’ve just got open up your wallet and bring it. Know that it’s a fundraiser. You’re not coming down here to try and get a bargain.”

It’s a sentiment that Zenthoefer and Elfreich say they completely agree with.

“Our baseball organization serves everybody along the West Side. So, you know it really is a good cause to help the kids so they can play some baseball,” says Elfreich.

“I mean we’ve got parents and teachers. It’s all for the kids and our kids that we do it for,” says Zenthoefer, “nobody’s trying to come out of here and build anything new. We’re just trying to supply with what the world’s given us.”

All of the booths are not-for-profit, and according to the Munchie Map, there are plenty to choose from.