Church nonprofit builds home for Kentucky tornado victim

Church nonprofit builds home for Kentucky tornado victim
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 8:41 PM CDT
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CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (WFIE) - Restoration International Outreach church’s nonprofit “Hope with a Hammer” started building a new home for a western Kentucky woman last Friday. The nonprofit finished the home in six days.

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Brenda Moore survived the Dec. 10 tornado and got the chance to get a tour of her new home on Thursday.

“I never dreamed I’d be back home,” Moore said.

Moore says she remembers only certain parts of the day she became a tornado victim. She says she could feel the tornado winds under her trailer. She says as the winds became more severe, her trailer was flung through the air, throwing her and her dog through the wall.

Moore says she prayed, “God it’s up to you, there is nothing I can do,” once she felt she and her dog would not make it alive. God answered her prayers during the tornado, and he is continuing to answer her prayers now.

“I didn’t think I was even going to live I mean, you know when it came,” Moore said. “People say prayer don’t work, yes it does.”

Kyle Stroud, a volunteer with Sacramento Fire Department, was one of the many first responders on scene after the tornado destroyed her home. He helped with Moore’s old home’s storm damage clean up. Stroud volunteered to help build Moore’s dream home also.

Stroud says he was excited for Moore once he learned she would have a home built for her because she did not have insurance.

“With all the great people that’s been brought here to this community to help each other, Pastor Tommy and his church and everybody that’s come volunteer is a God-send for this community,” Stroud said.

According to RIO Central Church pastor Tommy Roberts, there were about 20 people that volunteered to build the home since Friday. He says building Moore’s home would not be possible without the team of faithful volunteers.

“We know how long it takes to build a house and all that goes into it and hardly anyone works this hard for money, but to do good and to volunteer and to work for the Lord,” Roberts said. “It’s just you’ve got it in your heart or you don’t.”

There is only interior work, furnishing and landscaping left before Moore is able to move into her western Kentucky home.

Hope with a Hammer will be fundraising to complete the finishing touches on her house.

Click here to donate to Miss Moore’s Home project.