Tri-State woman sharing concerns after issues with solar company

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Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 7:03 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Pam Negron and her husband decided to go solar back in March, trading in traditional energy for panels on her roof.

Negron says the plan was to go through Pink Energy, based out of North Carolina, to get a loan so they could get a new roof, as well as panels installed.

Negron says things went well up until it was time for solar panel installation.

She says Pink Energy told her an inspector had come out to the house, but neither her or her husband were home. The same night, the new panels went in, and her brand-new roof began leaking.

Without ever firing up the panels, she requested that they were taken off and her roof fixed.

“I’m not going to pay for something that’s sitting on the side of my house,” says Negron. “I’ve told them. You need to come get your stuff, I don’t want it.”

Now, the panels and brackets are sitting on the side of her house, but she says she’s still facing a bill that will total over $100,000 after all the scheduled payments have been completed.

Negron says the loan for the roof and the panels came from two separate financial institutions through Pink Energy, but she feels like nobody is actually listening to her and her situation.

“They won’t reach back out to you. They just tell you you need to make your payments,” says Negron, “or they’re going to damage your credit, which unfortunately they have damaged me and my husband’s credit because we have not made a payment.”

For the time being, Negron says she is hoping others who have worked with Pink Energy will come forward and share their stories too because it’s felt like an uphill battle the entire way.

We reached out to Pink Energy to learn more about this complaint, and they blame service issues on Generac having faulty batteries.

Officials with Pink Energy also gave us the following statement:

“Pink Energy is in the midst of a massive spike in customer service issues due to a faulty product provided by one of our former suppliers named Generac. The Generac part in question, called SnapRS, fails at such a high rate that the vast majority of Pink Energy service calls are related to this issue and this is negatively impacting our customer service capabilities. We strongly urge Generac to conduct a national product recall and encourage our customers to contact Generac at 800-396-1281.”

Pink Energy has filed a lawsuit against Generac, and they shared with us Generac’s statement from July:

Generac customer letter
Generac customer letter(Generac)

We reached out to Generac on Monday, and on Tuesday they sent us the following statement:

We have taken notice of recent news reports and articles citing customer concerns with Pink Energy’s marketing practices and service support. We expect all our independent dealers and distributors to act with integrity and meet high standards in providing customer services and proper product installation.

Generac is a leading manufacturer of solar + storage solutions, and we sell our products to a wide range of distributors and solar contractors.  We’ve been in business for more than 60 years, and we’ve done that by standing by our promises and products.

It is unfortunate that Pink Energy appears to not want to take any accountability for their actions. By their inflammatory public statements and the lawsuit, we believe Pink Energy may be hoping to distract customers from the many complaints and allegations that reportedly have been leveled against them regarding poor installation and service, as well as public accounts of dubious marketing claims and sales tactics.

Currently, Pink Energy has several lawsuits filed against them in multiple states.

Negron says a clause in their contract says they cannot sue Pink Energy, so her and her husband are not part of the lawsuits.

She also says there are several different social media groups where others who feel they’ve been wronged by Pink Energy are talking about what their next steps should be.