Mt. Vernon under city-wide boil order

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Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 10:37 AM CDT
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MT. VERNON, Ind. (WFIE) - Officials with the City of Mount Vernon say they are issuing a city-wide boil order.

This comes after city leaders say their “water system recently violated a drinking water standard.”

Officials say this happened due to high levels of turbidity, which means there’s an increased chance the water may have contained disease-causing organisms.

“This is the first one we’ve dealt with in a long time,” said Owner of Hawg N Sauce Jeff Schellhorn.

The release from the water company stated that it was caused by a chemical called sodium permanganate, which is used to deter zebra mussels.

Those mussels make treating water difficult, as they can get into pipes and cause clogging.

When Schellhorn heard the news, he immediately started the day from scratch.

“We’ll dump everything we’ve got made, we’ll shut ice down, we’ll run out to the stores and get bottled water, tea, 2 liter drinks,” Schellhorn said. “Whatever we can do to keep people happy, keep people hydrated.”

Schellhorn says the water from the city runs most facets of his drink selection.

Although Schellhorn has needed to make a couple of runs to the store, he says the water department has been active in answering his questions.

“I’ve had a couple questions on certain things, and they’re just right on time on getting back to me,” Schellhorn said. “They do a great job, I’ve dealt with them quite a bit and they’re always right on top of things.”

Schellhorn says that although it added a bit of chaos, they’re prepared to stay open for the time being.

“To go out and buy gallons of tea and two liter bottles, it does cost more,” Schellhorn said. “But it’s not a game breaker, we can still function that way when we need to.”

Even though the order could span the next three days, the water department says they’ve isolated the tank that was causing the issue, and is working on cycling out the problem.

They ask residents to boil water before using it.

Water officials will notify customers once the boil order is no longer necessary.