UE freshman working to get free water across Evansville

UE freshman working to get free water across Evansville
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 6:09 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Jack Deig was a senior at Castle High School when he participated in the University of Evansville’s “Changemaker Challenge.”

He ended up placing second in the world during the global competition, and he realized he had a good idea on his hands.

“The whole point of the Changemaker Challenge is to come up with an idea that positively impacts your community. So I started going over issues not only in our community, but in communities all around the world, and one of the biggest problems in our world is access to water,” says Deig.

So, “Hydration Station” was born.

Hydration Stations are no-contact public water refilling stations.

They offer completely free, filtered water for anybody.

The idea was originally a one-man show, with Deig working to find funding and sponsors.

It now has a team of five, with their first one going into Patchwork Central this month.

The stations will offer unlimited refills for everyone with a bottle.

As Deig puts it, “you can’t abuse a Hydration Station.”

This is only their first station, with the next one in mind being an outdoor station outside of Old National.

He’s not making money off of these, but it’s a passion project for him.

“I’ve grown up here. I grew up walking downtown Evansville, downtown Newburgh, and so it’s really special to be able to give back to my community in this way. In a way that will hopefully live way past me,” says Deig.

He says this is only the start.

Deig has already made this much progress after starting the company in January, and he’s hoping to expand all over the city, and maybe even the country, in the years to come.

He says they’re always looking for people to get involved or to check out what they’re trying to do, as well as their message.

Click here to find more information about Hydration Station.