Harbor House Christian Center renovating after deadly mass shooting

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 3:20 PM CDT
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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Thursday marks two weeks since the deadly mass shooting at the Harbor House in Henderson.

The men’s homeless shelter has been closed to the public since that night.

The residents are still staying at the Salvation Army.

In the meantime, volunteers at the shelter are renovating the facility.

Pastor Coni Beck says that renovating the Harbor House is just another step in their healing process, both emotionally and physically.

She says they’re wanting to put a new face on the building.

Beck hopes this will associate more positive thoughts when people think of the Harbor House.

“We’ve got new furniture donated by Habitat, we’re so grateful for that,” Beck said. “Lowe’s is donating a new refrigerator. This one got hit by a bullet. It went all the way through the freezer so that has to be replaced. So, little by little we’re getting there. So fingers crossed and believing in Jesus name to get back in here by next week.”

Other renovations include new floors, a fresh coat of paint, and they even added a wall to make a more practical kitchen and serving area.

Beck says when the men finally return, she understands there might be lingering trauma, but at least the renovations to the building will bring some much-needed change.

Beck says they’ll continue to have counseling and group therapy for the men.

“I’m doing sort of a spiritual inventory each night at dinner and asking everybody where they are in their head, what they feel like they’re struggling with, and amazingly we’re seeing the grace of God sustain these men,” Beck said. “They’re moving forward.”

The pain of that night may never go away, but Beck says all of the support they’ve been given is helping them pick up the pieces.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Henderson Community,” Beck said.

Beck says they’re also in need of help.

While the men are off-site, they’re looking for food donations to still provide them with meals.

She says they also need monthly supporters and monetary donations to help them continue to take care of the residents in the coming weeks.