Tri-State doctors encouraging flu shots as fall season approaches

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Published: Sep. 2, 2022 at 6:33 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As we move closer to fall, doctors are encouraging people to be ready for the upcoming flu season.

Doctors at Deaconess Hospital say they are hoping people will take steps to slow down the spread of disease.

The CDC recently said there were 10 million cases of the flu last year, resulting in 100,000 hospitalizations, and about 10,000 deaths.

They say older adults and children four and under are the most vulnerable, but it can still take a toll on those who recover.

”Even just the weakness that comes from being down with the flu for a couple weeks is pretty rough,” said Deaconess primary care physician Dr. Jonathan Phillips.

To slow the spread of the flu, the CDC encourages people to get a flu shot ideally in September or October.

Doctors at Deaconess say flu season is usually December through February, but it can vary.

They say one thing that can make flu season more difficult, is knowing the difference between the flu and COVID symptoms.

”They can overlap,” said Phillips, “so I would recommend if you ever have any fevers, sore throat, cough, feeling fatigued, or body aches, that’s probably a good option to see your doctor or maybe get tested for the flu or COVID.”

Doctors at Deaconess think the past few years of COVID have made people a little more careful to keep from spreading disease.

”I think people are more likely to stay home when they’re ill because they want to be conscious about the people around them and not making them sick,” said Phillips. “Maybe we’ve all gotten better as a society about washing our hands and the basic things a little bit more.”

For a list of times you can get a flu shot from Deaconess, whether in-office of at a drive-thru, visit