Wife and convicted murderer both charged in death of Evansville firefighter

Wife and convicted murderer both charged in death of Evansville firefighter
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 11:19 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 18, 2022 at 5:55 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Two people have been charged with murder in the death of Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr.

One suspect is Doerr’s wife, Elizabeth Fox-Doerr.

In July, she pleaded not guilty to perjury charges connected to the case.

[Wife of murdered firefighter pleads not guilty to perjury charges]

Elizabeth Fox-Doerr and Larry Richmond, Sr.
Elizabeth Fox-Doerr and Larry Richmond, Sr.(Vanderburgh County Jail)

The other suspect, Larry Richmond, Sr., is already in prison on federal gun charges.

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Police have called Richmond a person of interest in the case since February 2020.

In February 2019, Doerr was shot to death in the 2700 block of Oakley Street.

Funeral for Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr
Funeral for Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr

As we reported, Fox-Doerr was home at the time and called 911.

Back then, she was arrested for obstruction of justice and false informing charges.

That was after police say she deleted a call on her cell phone the night of the shooting.

Those charges were later dropped.

Richmond was sentenced to 60 months in federal prison in November 2020 after pleading guilty to two counts of a felon in possession of a firearm and two counts of possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

He was arrested back in March 2019 after police said they found three guns buried in a backyard.

Richmond served 22 years in prison for murder, and had just been released in 2018.

A news conference was held Thursday, which you can see below.

Show recording

Evansville Fire Department Division Chief Mike Larson gave a series of emotional statements during a press conference held on Thursday, thanking law enforcement for their efforts and celebrating closure for himself, other firefighters, Doerr’s family and the community.

“They worked tirelessly, day in and day out, following every lead, no matter how big or how small,” Larson said. “Even if it was a dead end, they didn’t quit. It’s because of that dedication in finding the truth that brought us to today’s announcement.

“It’s been approximately three-and-a-half years since we lost our brother Robby to this senseless crime. The citizens of Evansville lost a firefighter who always went above and beyond the call of duty to save lives and property,” Larson continued. “Even more importantly, he was a son, a brother, a father and a grandfather.”

Here is the verbatim from the affidavit: (Please note it was scanned in and may have missing letters or odd spacing)

The undersigned, being duly sworn upon his oath, deposes and says upon information and belief that Larry Ali Richmond has committed the offense of Count 1: Murder, a Felony; Count 2:

Conspiracy to Commit Murder, a Felony, and in support thereof says as follows:

That this affiant is a Detective with the Evansville Police Department.

On February 26th, 2019 at approximately 1906 hours, officers with the Evansville Police Department were dispatched to 2728 Oakley Street with several reports of shots fired. Officers located the victim, Robert Doerr, laying on the sidewalk just outside of his 2728 Oakley Street residence with an apparent gunshot wound to his head. Through our investigation, it was determined that Robert Doerr had just returned home from work and parked his truck facing west in his driveway prior to being shot. Detectives canvased the 2700 block of Oakley Street and most of the residents reported hearing 5-gun shots. None of the residents reported hearing anything before or after the shots being fired. Witnesses stated they did not see any vehicles leaving the area after hearing the shots. Robert Doerr was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Detective A. McCormick, went to the Coroner’s Office and examined Robert Doer’s body along with Deputy Coroner Chris Leduc. Detectives found that Robert Doerr had two gunshot wounds to his back along with a through and through gunshot wound to his shoulder/neck area. Investigators returned to 2728 Oakley Street and observed Robert Doerr’s black Ford F.

150 had a swipe mark in the dust on the truck near the left rear quarter panel that appeared to move away from the house (east). There was also a projectile recovered in the street just east of where Robert Doerr was located, which would be away from the 2728 Oakley Street residence. No shell casings were recovered from the scene. This may indicate that the firearm used was possibly a revolver. Homes across the street to the east also had damage from gunfire.

It appears Robert Doerr exited his truck and began moving east towards the back of the truck when he was shot twice in the back. He was then struck in the shoulder/neck area as he attempted to get behind his truck. This would indicate the shots would have come from in front of Robert Doerr’s truck. There is a side door to the 2728 Oakley Street residence that faces the driveway and is just in front of Robert Doerr’s truck. Robert Doerr’s wife, Elizabeth Fox-Doerr, reports that she was the only one inside the 2728 Oakley Street residence when the shots were fired.

Elizabeth Fox-Doerr’s cellphone was seized by Detective B. Keen and the 2728 Oakley residence was emptied as detectives applied for search warrants for both. A signed judicial search warrant was drafted and signed by Vanderburgh County Judge Fink for Elizabeth Fox- Doer’s phone, also known as “Becky Fox.” Her mobile number is (812) 456-6751, and the carrier for her cellular phone is through Sprint. An extraction was completed on the cellphone associated with (812) 456-6751.

Investigators applied for and received a signed judicial search warrant for the residence of

2728 Oakley Street. Sergeant W. Hunt discovered a letter written by Robert Doerr to his current wife, Elizabeth “Becky” Fox-Doerr in the dresser drawer of the master bedroom. The letter describes issues of infidelity by comments of “ever since he came back into your life” and “I see his text on your phone.” A black Samsung Galaxy S9 was located on the victim, Robert Doerr’s person at the scene. The phone was immediately brought to EPD headquarters and an extraction was completed.

a divestigators attended Robert Doerr’s postmortem exam at the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Ofice. During the exam, a mixture of ammunition was located in the body of Robert Doer. There was one jacketed projectile and wadding with four buckshot rounds found inside Robert Doerr’s body: The mixture of ammunition is consistent with being fired from a Taurus Judge or similar ype gun.

Detective J. Hands was given the information about the possible weapon used against Robert Doer. Det. Hands located a stolen firearm report in EPD Record Management System under case number 18-20615. A Taurus Judge (45 caliber) was stolen between 07/02/18 and 09/19/18 from River City Pawn Shop, located at 3301 N. First Avenue. Serial umber for the gun was CT830690. This River City Pawn shop is in close vicinity of 2728 Oakley Street.

Investigators obtained and served a Subpoena Duces Techum to Sprint Corporation for Elizabeth “Becky” For-Doerr phone tolls reference phone number (812) 456-6751. On 03/04/19, Investigators obtained the toll records from Sprint. Investigators compared the Sprint records against Elizabeth “Becky” For-Doerr’s actual extraction on 02/26/19. Inestigators noticed that an incoming call from phone mumber 812-550-0104 was only on the Sprint toll report and not on the actual extraction. Detectives believe this call log was deleted from the phone. The duration of the phone call with 812-550-0104 was between 1846 hours to 18S1 hours on the day of Robert’s death. The first call for shots fired at 2728 Oakley Street was at 1905 hours. Phone mimber 812-

550-0104 was located in Elizabeth “Becky” Fox-Doerr’s phone contacts as Larry Ali.

Investigators searched 812-550-0104 in EPD Record Management System. The phone returned to Larry Ali Richmond, Sr.. Larry Ali Richmond, Sr. was sentenced of Nurder in Indiana reference cause number 82C01-9606-CF-00621 out of Vanderburgh County. Larry Ali Richmond, Sr. was released from custody on 03/12/18. Larry Ali Richmond, Sr. is currently on Adult Probation in Vanderburgh County. Investigators learned that Larry Ali Richmond is the father of Larry Ali Richmond, Jr who was employed at River City Pawn Shop, located at 3301 N. First Avenue. Larry Ali Richmond, Jr. was also employed at the time of the gun (Taurus Judge) theft at River City Pawn Shop (EPD 18-20615). Investigators also learned that Larry Ali Richmond, S- is dating and living with Elizabeth “Becky” For-Doerr’s sister, Amanda Louise Blake, also known as Amanda Fox or Amanda Fillmore.

On 03/04/19 investigators observed Larry Ali Richmond, St, exit 826 Allens Lone and get into a red 2017 Jeep with Indiana registration ANT483. This vehicle is registered to Joseph L Far and Anne C Fox.

Joseph and Anne are Elizabeth “Becky” For-Doerr and Amanda Blakes parents. Investigators lost sight of Larry Ali Richmond, Sr, and the Jeep. Later that evening, Larry Ali Richmond Sr, was located in the Jeep with Amanda Fillmore and her son.

On 03/04/19 Larry Ali Richmond, Sr. was brought to EPD HQ and placed in interview room mumber one. Larry Ali Richmond, Sr, confirmed that his phone number is 812-550-0104 Before going further with Larry Ali Richmond, St., Detective McCormick read « Richmond S. his Miranda advisement. Larry Ali Richmond, Sr. requested on attorney before answering any additional questions.

On OX/04/2019, Amanda Pilimore, also Anown as Amanda Nox and Amanda Blake was brought to APD Newtonarters for an interview in roforence to the murder of Robert Doers, As mentioned before, a taffe stop was conductet on the red 2017 Jeep Compass (IN ANT4X)) that Pillmore was driving by APD Uniform OPeers. The BN/V registration for the vehiele returns to Joseph and Ann Pax who are the parenis of Amanda Filimore, Larry ANt Richmond, St, was also in the whicle along with Plimore’s juvenile son at the time of the trathe stop. Pilmore and Riehmond, D were removed from the vehiele, A black apple iPhone APT smartphone, INNI 350402089272998, phone number: ($12) S50.0204, with a black rubber / plastie Otterbox protective case, sereen protector with erack and air bubble in upper left corner and crack in the lower right corner was located in the front passenger seat where Richmond, Sr had been sitting A siher ANS Silverback Sprint Smartphone Nodel DIJO, NEC ID: 2AL2N UL4O, IC: 22733.

UINO, MAID HEX: 99002266319781, NEID DEC: 256601875803250049 was later loeyted on Richmond, Sr, person by APD olleers, Plilmore told investleators that Larry Ali Richmond, Sr, is her flancde and sometimes stays at her 1262 Shelfleld De, residence, Fillmore initially informed detectives on the %’ of Narch that Richmond St was with her the entire night on Nebruary 26, 2019, Fillmore would later confem to detectives that Riehmond Sr was not with her when the murder of Robert Doer oceurred, Pillmore mentioned that she was out looking for Richmond St; Fillmore then signed a consent form on March 6, 2019 and allowed her cellular phone, black Samsung bearing INtRI 359617082222231, to be extracted. Pillmore had messaged Larry Riehmond Sr, the night of the homielde, Additionalo, on 03/04/2019, detectives brought Larry Richmond, Ir, to the federal Building for questioning in reference to the murder of Robert Doer, Riehmond, Ir, was read his Miranda rights prior to any questioning. Larry Riehmond, Ir, gave consent to deteetives to searel his cellphone, In the subsequent phone extraction, a photograph of a silver revolver was found on his phone, There were also photographs of a tan gripped Sig Saner semi-auto handgun sent to Richmond, Ir, from Richmond, Sr, on 01/22/2019, Vollowing this interview, Richmond, Jr, was transported across the street to EPD Headquarters for further questioning, While at RPD Headquarters, Larry Richmond, Jr, advised that he wanted to speak with someone, Detective Anthony Aussieker and FBI Special Agent William Gray then interviewed Richmond. Ir after he was reminded of his Miranda rights, Richmond, Ir, admitted to detectives that he stole a Taurus Judge from his place of employment (River City Pawn) sometime in September of 2018, He then gave the stolen gun to his father, Larry All Richmond, St, within days ofhim taking the gun. Prom the interview, detectives asked Richmond, Jr regarding text messages between him and his father that occurred on 02/24/2019, Riehmond, Jr, asked Riohmond, Sr, “And ave ill wade n” To which Richmond, Sr, replied, “What do you wanna trade,” Richmond de, replied back, “Peace keeper” and Richmond, Sr, replied, “Ok " Detectives asked Richmond

Jr: what gun he was referencing in the text message that stated “Peace keepar.

* He then pointed

to the photograph detectives recovered from Richmond, Ir, ‘s cellphone of the silver revolver, The silver revolver imaged was a Taurus Judge, Deleetives then had to clarify why Richmond, Jr, wanted to trade the Taurus Judge that his father already had in his possession. He stated that he wanted his father to keep the Paurushudee at the 1262 Sheffield Dr, residence because Richmond, Jr, did not want any guns at his house. Richmond, Jr. then stated he wanted to switch his father the Taus Judge for a “clean .45″ so that he could get his conceal carry permit and carry a gun that was not stolen.

Larry Richmond Jr. informed investigators that his father told him that he would bury the guns if things were to go down. A search warrant was applied for and granted for the 1262 Shefield Dr where Amanda and Larry Richmond Sr stay. During the search of the residence, Detectives were able to locate in the backyard a buried tote that contained multiple guns with obliterated serial numbers. The Taurus Judge was not one of the guns inside the tote located by detectives.

We were able to obtain surveillance video from the neighbors address to the west that had Richmond Sr. on video with the tote in hand and walking to the backyard behind the garage where detectives located the buried guns. This case was filed under EPD 19-04514.

On March 4th, 2019 Detective Lewis and I went to Christian Fellowship Church at 4100 Millersburg Rd. to locate Elizabeth “Becky” Fox-Doerr. We observed Fox-Doerr exit the church on the west side of the facility. I approached Fox-Doerr and asked her if she would be willing to come to EPD headquarters with us so we could speak about the homicide of her husband, Robert Doerr. Fox-Doerr agreed to ride with Detective Lewis and I to EPD headquarters. I had my Olympus digital recorder on during the transport of Fox-Doerr to headquarters. Prior to leaving Christian Fellowship Church, I asked Fox-Doerr if she had any cellular devices on her person and she stated that she did. I then seized the cellular device (Samsung Galaxy S9, 812-604-885S) that Fox-Doerr had with her and a search warrant was applied for and granted. Fox-Doerr was then transported to EPD headquarters and placed in the juvenile interview room due to the adult interview rooms ail being occupied.

Once in the interview room, I read Fox-Doerr Miranda and she stated that she understood and was willing to speak kes us. FBI Task Force agent Jeff Hands and I then conducted an interview with Fox-Doerr. During the interview, I went back over the night of her husband being killed and asked her if she left anything out or if there was any information that she forgot to tell investigators and she replied “no”. I asked Elizabeth if there were any incoming or outgoing phone calls that she forgot to tell me and she stated that there was none other than the ones she already discussed with me.

We then showed Elizabeth the deleted incoming phone call from (812-550-0104) Richmond Sr. that was provided by Sprint. Elizabeth initially stated that she doesn’t remember talking with anybody minutes before her husband was murdered. Elizabeth then stated that she didn’i recognize the number (812-550-0104). This mumber is in Elizabeth’s phone as “Larry Ali”

When going through her contact list she stated that Larry Ali was her sister, Amanda’s fiancé. Elizabeth informed us that she didn’t know him well enough to give an opinion.

Later in the interview, Elizabeth confirmed that the deleted call was with her sister’s fiancé, Larry Richmond Sr. Elizabeth acknowledged that she purposely withheld this information from detectives and deleted this phone call prior to her husband arriving home. Elizabeth stated that Richmond Sr. and her spoke about adding another motion light in the backyard. Elizabeth mentioned that she withheld this information because she knew he had been in trouble before.

Elizabeth also mentioned that she didn’t want us to think that she was having an affair with Richmond Sr. Elizabeth mentioned that while walking her dog prior to Robbie arriving home that night she felt like Larry was there. Elizabeth stated that she asked Larry if he was there and Larry informed her that he came by earlier and her garage door was open.” was also confirmed that Richmond Ar, deleted the phone call prom Elisabeth Pox-Doerr 04 well. The phone call deleted between Richmond Dr and Pluabeth Pos-Doerstoodplaceminutes before the homielde af Robert Doers at 6 46 50 PM - 6:31:20 PM on Pebruary 20, 2019 Aner the extraetion of Larry Richmond Ar’ iPhone, it was discovered that minutes befure Robert Doer was exeented, Richmond Dr, had apened a cop radio app, called Pliabeth Poe Doer at INto hours and had a 3 minute and 30 second conversation with her, Richmond Air’s iPhone shows an event that the phone then powered on O minates aper the homicide at 714:17 “’M and then proceede to check the copradio app again. Richmond Ar was olserved on nirveillance video at the Cirele A gos station located at 3103 N Piest Ave, just north of the scene of the homielle 6 minutes after the first all into dispatch that Doer had been shot.

On March 9*, 2019, Pliabeth Pox Doerr’ son, Nathaniel Guthete brought in a sympatly card Nom Larry Richmond Sr and his aunt, Amanda Pillmore, Guthrie stated that when his mother was pieked up hy polies on the p* of March he began going through the sympathy cards from the Mineral, While doing this, he notieed that a amall plece of paper fell out of the card that was from Larry Richmond Sr and his aunt, Amanda Fillmore, The note in the card was on a separate amall plece of paper and stated “we need to talk” with the phone number (812-389-3238) and signed “Lary This phone mumber belonged to Larry Richmond Sr, as well and was the phone that was located on his person when he was detained by officers, At a later date, we brought in Amanda Pillmore and she confirmed that she never witnessed that small plece of paper inside the card when she signed it. Amanda confirmed that was Larry’s writing Larry Richmond Jr, would later come back for another intervlew, Richmond Ir, informed us that his father, Larry Richmond Sr, had told him that he slept with the wife of the deceased freman, Robert Doer, Richmond Ir stated that sometime before Robert’s death his father drove him over to the alley behind 2728 Oakley St and Elizabeth Pox-Doerr walked out of her residence and yot into Richmond Sy’s car, Richmond Ir, stated that he was sitting in the back seat and watched his father and Elizabeth Fox-Doerr iss and then she exited the vehicle and returned to her home, Later in the investigation, Richmond Ir was able to provide two letters that were written from his father, Larry Richmond Sr, The first letter was addressed to Richmond Se’s mother, Richmond r informed us that his grandmother gave him the letter and told him he needed to notify police, In the letter addressed to “Mom” Richmond Sr, informs his mother that she needs to pass along, a strong message to “Dumpy”, Richmond Ir, informed me that his father called him “Bumpy al times, In the letter from Richmond Sr, It says, “If the gun he stole ever pops up they will be trying to charge him with murder or accessory to murder.” The other letter from Richmond Sr. was addressed to Richmond Jr and was provided to us as well, These written documents were all examined and confirmed to be authored by Larry Richmond Sr, Pollowing this, an inmate that was currently locked up with Larry Richmond Sr. reached out to me and stated that he had information on the homicide of Robert Doerr, This inmate stated that Richmond Sr confided in him and discussed the murder of Robert Doerr at times, This inmate stated that Richmond Sr, told him he was having an affair with Elizabeth and that Robert knew of in The inmate was able to provide multiple pages of handwritten notes that he had taken when Richmond would diseuss the homicide, These notes were all collected and placed into evidence.

In June of 2021, I reapplied for and was granted a judicially signed search warrant for the cellular phones that were seized regarding this case, All of the phones were then taken down to the Vanderburgh Coung Cyber Crimes Task Force where they have a much higher success rate of extracting complete content as well as recovery of removed / deleted artifacts, In January of 2022, I was notified that the Vanderburgh County Cyber Crimes Task Force was able to get into Richmond St’ black Apple iPhone and successfully completed a full extraction on Richmond St’s black Apple iPhone.

in the full extraction, Detective A. McCormick who is also a Task Force Oficer with the FBI, was able to review filed Cached Location data that was stored on Richmond Se’s Apple iPhone. There were 42,142 files available to review, The details provided were latitude, longitude, accuracy in meters, altitude in meters, altitude accuracy in meters, date and time.

Detective McCormick was able to locate the catch location data during the bpm hour on 02/26/19. I observed IS location hits east of First Avenue The cluster of the IS hits are approximately 67 meters southwest of 2728 Oakley Street. The time range of the IS hits are between 6:31:40 PM to 6:39:17 PM on 02/26/2019.

Further review of the records shows location hits near the intersection of Fulton Parkway and N. Third Avenue at 6:24:10 PM. There is a total of 6 location hits in this area between 6:24:10 PM to 6:28:39 PM. Then at 6:29:24 PM to 6:30:54 pm there are location hits along First Avenue traveling south. At 6; 40:02 PM the location hits are to the west of First Avenue and continue to hit in the area of a large vacant field until 6:41:04 PM. At 6:41:10 PM the hits are near a lake that is south of Fulton Parkway and west of Third Avenue. There are hits near the lake at 6:41:13 PM until 6:41:19 PM. There is no location hits aper 6:52:52 PM until 7:14:47 PM which Richmond Sr’s iPhone has a stored location data at the Circle K gas station located at 310S N First Ave, Richmond r’s iPhone extraction shows a powered on event at 7:14:37 PM. Video surveillance recovered from the business shows Richmond Sr, at this location during the date and times recovered from Richmond Sr’s Cached Location Data on his black Apple iPhone.

In July of 2022 a grand jury was conducted in regards to the homicide of Robert Doerr. Elizabeth For-Doerr was arrested for perjury for her false statements while under oath.

In August of 2022, Detective McCormick and I interviewed Larry Richmond Sr where he is currently locked up for his federal charges, Larry Richmond Sr, denied killing Robert Doer and denied having affair with Elizabeth Fox-Doerr Your Afiant believes that all of the persons named above speak from personal knowledge and observation and are reliable and credible in that they relayed this information to your Afiant during the course of your Apiant’s duties as a law enforcement officer engaged in the investigation of this offense in an effort to aid in said investigation. Your Afiant believes that there is a factual basis for the above information in that the information given by each individual is corroborated by that given by the other. Any statements made by individuals who spoke after having been given a Miranda advisement is credible for the additional reason the above listed individuals are speaking against their penal interests after having been advised of their Miranda Rights.

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