Social media posts show overcrowding on DCPS bus

School leaders and parents respond to the images
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Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 10:50 PM CDT
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DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - A video and picture of an overcrowded Daviess County Public School bus is going viral on social media.

A parent of one of the students on the bus, shared the pictures on Facebook. That parent was Nate Stallings.

“I was really upset I can understand ya know three to a seat is kind of tight,” said Stallings. ”But, when the whole aisle was full of kids.”

Stallings’ children rode the bus on their first day back to school on Monday.

DCPS first day of school got rescheduled for Monday after multiple cancellations following August 9.

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Stallings says communication with the school never mentioned overcrowded buses.

“They had communicated about the software glitch and so I was okay with that,” said Stallings. “That’s fine, whenever school starts, lets get it worked out, but I didn’t know the bus was going to be overpacked like that.”

Stalling says he isn’t pointing fingers, the goal of sharing the pictures on social media were to bring awareness.

“I’m not blaming the bus drivers, not blaming parents, not blaming Daviess County Public Schools,” Stallings said. “It’s a big issue, but I wanted to bring attention to it.”

DCPS Director of Student Services, Charlie Broughton, says the cause for the overcrowded buses is unknown.

“Certainly we dealt with a handful here and there,” said Broughton. “And a lot of that boils down to the unknown.”

Broughton says he saw a screenshot of the packed bus. He says problems are inevitable, but DCPS is working to find solutions.

“We wish that we didn’t run into any of those,” said Broughton. “But it’s almost inevitable to have buses that are overcrowded on those first few days again back to the unknown.”

Broughton says they are working on making the necessary changes.

“Giving one day down, and now a morning down we’re learning, we’re adjusting, we feel like we’re moving in the right direction,” said Broughton.

Broughton says their paramount is safety always and asks parents to be patient with the school system as they find solutions to the overcrowding issue.

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