Dawson Springs Rotary Club covers 16 families in furniture shop

Dawson Springs Rotary Club covers 16 families in furniture shop
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 7:25 PM CDT
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MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Rebuilding in Dawson Springs has been expensive in the fallout of the Dec. 10 tornadoes.

Material costs are high, contractors are hard to find and furnishing the house can be costly.

16 families from Dawson Springs had some help helping rebuild the inside of their homes, courtesy of the Rotary Club.

Back when the storms hit, it all happened fast for victims.

“We had 30 years of our life gone in 30 seconds,” Franklin Hunter said. “It’s been a big change on us.”

The following hours were filled with shock and hopelessness.

“That next morning we were just standing, I was just looking around thinking, I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” Sterling Wallace said.

Losing everything was hard, but rebuilding was a whole other challenge. But help came to the people of Dawson Springs.

Some coming from far away, but a lot still going on closer to home.

“We can’t give them back everything they lost but we can sure help them along the way,” said Dawson Springs Rotary Club President Tabatha Adams.

The Rotary provided furniture to families rebuilding their lives. 16 families each had $2,500 to spend, totaling out to $40,000 for the Rotary. The gratitude was overwhelming.

“Once we moved in we still had a whole basement to furnish,” said Karen Wallace. “So this was really helpful to not have to do that and to not have to spend more money.”

“So this has been a huge, huge blessing for us,” said Amy Hunter.

Slowly but surely, residents are rebuilding their lives.

Helping each other out is nothing new for Dawson Springs residents.

“We’re all gonna pitch in, we’re all gonna be there, we’re all gonna show up,” said Amy Hunter. “People in Dawson, they love each other.”

Community members say that their motivation remains rooted in rebuilding what was lost, and helping those around them.

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