Red Cross of Southwest Indiana helping eastern KY flood victims

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Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 5:45 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Southern Indiana Red Cross Chapter is rolling up their sleeves to help flood victims in eastern Kentucky.

The Red Cross has already deployed a volunteer to Eastern Kentucky to work in a shelter while families are displaced.

There’s also two mental health specialists and a medical specialists who helps people replace their required prescriptions or medical equipment.

On Monday, one Evansville volunteer headed out to serve food to the flood victims.

Donald Day will be one of the 200 trained Red Cross disaster workers volunteering with the Eastern Kentucky flooding.

Day says he will stop to get his official assignment at the headquarters in Lexington, but once he arrives, he will either help by delivering food to shelters or serving family’s meals on sight.

Day also says he’s been responding to disasters in various ways since 2005, after watching Hurricane Katrina hit.

“Somebody’s got to do it, plus that keeps me active,” said Day. “I retired from the fire department in ‘08, so I actually took vacation time when I was on the fire department to make these runs.”

Day is driving to Eastern Kentucky in the Red Cross emergency response truck, which comes equipped with the supplies to serve food to families on sight.

He says his goal for the upcoming weeks is to help as many people affected by the flooding as possible, and provide them with a bit of much needed emotional support.

“They’re so upset and stuff like that. I got to give you a hug,” said Day. “You know, that’s our payments is our hugs and that’s a good feeling that you actually help people out because they don’t know what they’re going to do.”

He says it’s still sometimes shocking to see communities go through devastation like this, but responding to it and being able to help others in a moments notice is what being a Red Cross disaster volunteer is all about.

“You’re standing here right now, and your house could be burning. What are you going to do? We’re going to be there to help,” said Day.

To donate to those affected by the eastern Kentucky flooding through the Red Cross you can text KY-FLOODS to 90-999.

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