Dawson Springs Annual Barbecue marks 1st major event since December storms

Dawson Springs Annual Barbecue marks 1st major event since December storms
Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 6:46 PM CDT
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) - The Dawson Springs Community Center brought back a celebrated tradition on Friday with the annual barbecue. This time around, it signified the first big community event for the city since the December 2021 storms.

“All the residents who live here, people from all over the county and out of the county are coming here to support Dawson Springs,” said Hopkins County Judge Executive Jack Whitfield.

The high turnout and big smiles were signs of a healing community.

“Foundations getting started again, houses being built, we are starting to see people come back and get their lives back together here in Dawson Springs,” said Whitfield.

“I think everybody is just really happy to see one another, to celebrate the recovery efforts and all of the amazing things that are still going on in town,” said Hopkins County Long Term Recovery Committee member Tabatha Adams.

Downtown Dawson Springs looks different than it did six months ago. The facelift has given residents new hope.

“Definitely hopeful to drive through town nowadays and to see all of the rebuilding and all the new structures going up,” said Adams.

Dawson Springs High Schooler Logan Kobach found talking with others to help the situation when the storms hit. He brought those same skills to Friday’s barbecue.

“I really enjoy being here, talking to people, especially when the tornado happened I really started to talk to people,” said Kobach.

Less than a month before school starts, Kobach says seeing his hometown past the halfway point helps him focus on getting ready for school.

“I’m ready to see my friends,” said Kobach.

The recovery process has been long, but many believed Dawson Springs to be gone. Community unity, fairly evident at Friday’s event, showed many how resilient the Dawson Springs community is.

“What’s different about Dawson Springs is the people of Dawson Springs,” said Adams. “They are one of a kind and it doesn’t matter what happens or when it happens but it’s guaranteed that this community is going to come together, rally together and build back together, and we’re going to build back better than ever.”

“I’m like, the Lord has something great in mind for Dawson Springs,” said Kobach.

Proceeds from Friday’s event will go towards the community center’s expenses of staying open to the public.

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