Sebree mayoral candidate’s 2014 reckless homicide conviction raises concerns

Sebree mayoral candidate’s 2014 reckless homicide conviction raises concerns
Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 10:32 PM CDT
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SEBREE, Ky. (WFIE) - People close to the late Adam Hogan have voiced concerns over Robert Brantley’s mayoral candidacy in Sebree after Brantley’s 2014 conviction for reckless homicide.

In 2014, Adam Hogan was involved in an altercation at Double Dukes Saloon in Henderson County.

Witnesses at the time said he slammed his drink on the bar because of a miscommunication with his order, and bouncers intervened.

They said he was held down by several security guards, and he died.

The coroner later determined the cause of death was consistent with strangulation, and security guard Robert Brantley was sentenced to two years in prison for reckless homicide.

Now, having served his time, Brantley is running to be mayor of Sebree.

Friends and family of Hogan have taken to social media in recent weeks to voice their concerns about the situation.

However, in Kentucky, since 2019, many felons had voting rights restored, and with that, they can also run for public office.

The idea is that that person has already served their time.

14 News spoke with David Oldham, who had been friends with Hogan since childhood. He said he’s been upset with the fact that Brantley is running, and he said he still feels Brantley should have served more time.

“Do I agree with it? No,” Oldham said. “But of course by some chance if that was me in Robert’s position, I might be okay with it.”

The social media posts have swung the opposite way as well, with plenty of people showing support for Brantley’s candidacy on his Facebook page.

Still, Oldham said he wants the 2014 incident to be considered by voters.

“Whenever they go to that voting booth, they need to think, ‘Well, if he can kill a man in two and a half minutes by choking him to death, how long is it going to take him to kill my town?’” he said.

Brantley has said that as mayor he hopes to “Make Sebree Great Again” by bringing more businesses, events, workers and improvements

14 News has been in contact with Brantley. He said he did not want to make any comment until he becomes available to sit down for a proper interview to tell his side of the story.

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