Massive fire breaks out at old lumber yard in Carmi

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Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 6:04 AM CDT
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CARMI, Ill. (WFIE) - City leaders in Carmi, Illinois, say a large section of town was without power for several hours Saturday.

They told residents it was because of a massive fire at the old lumber yard property near the water tower.

It broke out in the early morning hours.

14 News spoke with several neighbors who are now dealing with damage to their own homes.

Melissa Kittinger lives right next door to the building, and she said the whole scene was chaotic.

“We just kept hearing these loud like cannons, it sounded like, going off,” she said. “We get outside, and the building was just- the flames were as tall as the water tower.”

She said her power was out for around eight hours.

The heat from the fire melted parts of their siding, as well as several other homes in the area. The front of the water department was also severely damaged.

Kittinger said she also has some water damage after firefighters doused her home to keep it from catching fire as flaming debris fell on the roof.

We are working to get more information from officials.

Massive fire in Carmi
Massive fire in Carmi(Melissa Blake Kittinger)
Large fire in Carmi, Illinois
Large fire in Carmi, Illinois(Robert Clark)

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