Dry conditions could spell trouble for fireworks

Dry conditions could spell trouble for fireworks
Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 7:07 PM CDT
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VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WFIE) - A dry spell is continuing as July the Fourth rolls around the corner.

The Fourth is generally a time for gathering with friends and family, grilling and shooting off fireworks.

With the drought conditions that the Tri-State has been experiencing, German Township Fire Chief Tamara Carr says there could be a risk of more danger than usual, but there are ways to keep your family, your home and yourself safe.

“We ask that everybody has a water supply present when they’re lighting off their fireworks. Just something as simple as a garden hose can make a huge difference if you accidentally catch your woods line or your yard on fire,” says Carr, “it can make a big difference in trying to get that stopped before it catches something else much larger on fire.”

Carr says she’s well aware that even though she would advise people to forego using their personal fireworks this year, many are still going to.

She asks that you help yourself, by letting them help you.

“Call 911 quickly. If you have a fire event, if it gets into the grass, if it gets into the woods, before you even attempt to extinguish it yourself, call 911. Get us coming,” says Carr.

Carr says something as small as dropping a cigarette butt could start a fire that could quickly get out of hand in these conditions.

So it’s important to have water on hand, and that means calling 911 ready to go.

According to Carr, one of the most important things you can do for your own safety is pretty self-explanatory.

“Making good decisions on fire safety, because it is really important, extra important with as dry as it is,” says Carr.

We’re hoping for a little bit of rain as we head into the weekend, but of course, keep an eye on all of your fires and fireworks no matter what.

A list of firework rules in Evansville can be found here.

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