ISP: Warrick Co. manhunt suspect dies after exchange of gunfire

Situation ‘resolved’ in manhunt for armed suspect in Warrick Co., ISP says
ISP: Warrick Co. manhunt suspect dies after exchange of gunfire
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 8:09 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 24, 2022 at 5:39 AM CDT
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LYNNVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The search in Warrick County is over.

Authorities were looking for a man who fled and shot at deputies while trying to serve a warrant since Tuesday.

According to a release from Indiana State Police, the suspect, Michael White, died after an exchange of gunfire.

Michael White
Michael White(Source: Warrick Co. Sheriff's Office)

The release says on Thursday, officers from the US Marshal’s Multi-Agency Taskforce found White near the Lynnville area and both parties exchanged gunfire before White retreated into a nearby barn.

Scene of shootout in Michael White case
Scene of shootout in Michael White case(WFIE)

Authorities say all efforts to communicate with White were unsuccessful and the Indiana State Police SWAT found him to be unresponsive.

The release goes on to say that officers secured the scene and gave medical care until EMS arrived.

Warrick EMS found that White succumbed to his injuries.

The release says the Warrick County Coroner’s Office was called to the scene.

No officers were injured during the exchange of gunfire.

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing and there’s no time frame when they’ll give any more information.

ISP: Situation ‘resolved’ involving armed suspect in Warrick Co.

On Thursday night, Lynnville residents say they heard shots near the area where authorities are looking for an armed and dangerous suspect in Warrick County.

Neighbors tell 14 News they heard shots fired near Clutter Road on Thursday night. They also reported seeing law enforcement vehicles speeding by the area.

Authorities held a news conference at North Friendship General Baptist Church late Thursday night.

During the update, a lieutenant with the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office said the manhunt was able to go on for so long because of heavy foliage in a patch of woods.

He said authorities had White contained to that area for the entire time.

You can watch that entire update below:

Lynnville resident Patti Clutter caught the officers on camera as they sped toward where White was spotted, and she says what happened next has her still feeling jumpy almost 24 hours later.

“It was a lot of gunfire. I don’t know how many rounds. I’d say close to 48 the first time,” says Clutter, “And then there was two separate shots after that, and we thought, ‘Oh, they’ve got him.’”

Two other Lynnville residents, Tori Doran and Brady Towner, say they would have never expected something like this to happen, especially not in what feels like their own backyard.

“We don’t ever get anything like this, and the gas station and stuff in town,” says Towner, “We get a lot of traffic, but even with that it’s quiet.”

Clutter, Doran and Towner all say that even though the manhunt is over, the feeling of unease in the community remains.

“Even though it ended, we’ve been on three days of lockdown, of knowing somebody is out in these woods, but where is he?” says Clutter.

The entire situation has created a lot of mixed emotions for the community. They say it’s great to finally feel safe at home again, but they understand the gravity of the situation as well.

“At first, we all had a sigh of relief,” says Clutter, “after that, we also had a sigh of sadness, because somebody lost their life.”

While the manhunt is over, the ripple effect it caused in the community may be here to stay for some time.

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