‘World Changers’ from across the country volunteering in Henderson

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Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 6:46 PM CDT
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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Volunteers are hitting the streets of Henderson this week, painting, cleaning, and building wherever they’re needed.

Officials say many of the volunteers are just kids, members of youth groups from across the country who chose to volunteer for people they don’t even know.

Hayes Bridges is one of those volunteers.

He spent most of the day repainting somebody’s trailer, despite having no idea who it belongs to. Bridges says that part isn’t what’s important to him though.

“We’re just here to, you know, hopefully people can see God through us,” says Bridges.

Despite being a group of kids, there’s a lot of experience amongst them.

Emily Tooke has been volunteering on missions like this for years now, and there’s a reason she keeps coming back.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, like I’ve done this since I was in junior high, come with my youth group and do things,” says Tooke, “it’s really nice getting to see other people work together in the community.”

“World Changers” brought out approximately 190 students and adults this week, ranging from Alabama and Florida to where Bridges and Tooke are from, Louisiana.

Bridges says he loves getting the opportunity to check out a place a little different from back home.

A nine hour drive away from home to be precise.

“I appreciate the opportunity for it, and I enjoy getting to see other areas and enjoy, you know,” says Bridges, “it’s a different culture but it’s like the same culture from where we’re from.”

Bridges, Tooke and the rest of the volunteers will be around Henderson until Saturday, helping out and hoping to spread a little optimism, and a little faith.

They’re doing all of this work in the midst of a serious heat warning, but being from Louisiana, they say it’s no big deal.

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