Hancock County schools getting resource officers

Hancock County schools getting resource officers
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 6:23 PM CDT
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HANCOCK CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Campuses in Hancock County are going to be seeing a few new additions to their normal classes this coming school year – school resource officers.

A new law in Kentucky requires that every campus has one by Aug. 1 of the 2022-23 school year, and school officials, local government and law enforcement are all equally excited.

Hancock County Sheriff Dale Bozarth says they are still on the hunt to fill those roles, and that it takes a special kind of person.

Normally, an SRO is a seasoned veteran.

“They like working with children. They’ve seen it all, that helps, they’ve been through a lot,” says Bozarth, “so, we’ve had a lot of response for that. You have more response for that type of job than you would a regular officer on the street right now.”

Bozarth says the funding for the officer, however, falls back on the school.

That’s a sentiment recognized by Hancock County Superintendent Robby Asberry, who says when it comes to the safety of their children, they’ll find a way.

“You always find money for your priorities, and that is one of our priorities, to get that accomplished,” says Asberry, “so, we will go find the money to make that happen.”

Bozarth says one of the biggest advantages of having an SRO isn’t even necessarily the armed presence inside, it’s the added ability to keep anything harmful to staff and students on the outside.

As Bozarth says, if somebody bent on doing something harmful gets inside the building, it doesn’t end well for anybody.

“To have an armed officer in the school, a seasoned armed officer, is a great deterrent,” says Bozarth, “having that car in front of the school is a great deterrent.”

Not only are the officers there to provide an extra layer of security, but Bozarth says they can also help to encourage kids to see police in their own community as friends and people they can trust.

Bozarth says the local schools have undergone renovations ensuring that all of their doors and security measures are up to par as well, offering the safest environment available for everyone inside.

They’re hoping to have officers for each of their campuses in the county trained and in place by the Aug. 1 deadline, just in time to welcome the kids back for another school year.

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