Henderson police seeing an uptick in fentanyl overdose deaths

Henderson police seeing an uptick in fentanyl overdose deaths
Published: Jun. 3, 2022 at 6:04 PM CDT
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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The Henderson County Coroner says they have seen eight fentanyl overdose deaths since the start of 2022.

Police tell 14 News three of those deaths were just in the last week or so.

Detective Eric Ramsey with the Henderson Police Department says the increase they have seen in fentanyl overdoses is scary.

Ramsey says he’s seen this problem affecting both men and women of all ages, now becoming more popular among teenagers.

He says at first it was a powder, but now they are finding pressed pills that look like prescription pain killers, and oftentimes he says people don’t even realize it’s laced with the deadly drug.

“We get quite a bit of fentanyl off the streets but it seems to be just pouring in,” said Ramsey.

Detective Ramsey says these cases are hard to crack and while they are working to fight the problem, no arrests have been made.

He says their biggest hurdle is not having people come forward with information.

“These are really hard cases to prosecute. They’re really hard cases to work because usually the only witness is the victim who’s deceased,” said Ramsey.

Detective Ramsey says many of the surrounding cities are large narcotic distribution areas, and now it’s just flowing into the small community of Henderson.

“It’s scary... It’s really scary that there’s so much of it out there,” said Ramsey.

With this issue on the rise, Henderson police say they want to help those who are struggling with addiction through their new program Angel Initiative.

Detective Ramsey says people can bring in their drugs to dispose of at the police station and they won’t get charged.

“Come see us. Come talk to us,” said Ramsey. “We will get you the help you need, but if you think you’re just taking a prescription pill, don’t take it from your local drug dealer because it’s a good chance that it’s not what you think it is and it is deadly.”

He also says he wants to encourage parents to be more involved in their kids’ lives and not hesitate to reach out to Henderson Police for help.

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