New art studio allows kids to find creative side no matter their abilities

New art studio allows kids to find creative side no matter their capabilities
Published: May. 25, 2022 at 5:47 AM CDT|Updated: May. 25, 2022 at 6:43 AM CDT
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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A new art studio over in Henderson is allowing kids of all backgrounds and learning capabilities to express their creative side.

The ColorWheel Kids focuses on hands-on arts and crafts projects for every child, no matter their ability.

The owner, Taylor Heady, says prior to this whole idea, she was in law enforcement over in Spencer County until they got their son, Levi’s, diagnosis.

Her son, Levi, has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, giving him little to no vision in either eye.

Taylor tells us while talking to some of the other moms she met because of her son’s condition, she realized there have been some places that aren’t so inclusive of kids that are different.

With art always being a passion of Taylor’s, she says she wanted to create a space for people and kids with different abilities to come and be creative and feel confident while doing it.

Enrolling kids and young adults from ages two to 18 years old, Taylor tells us accessibility will play a huge role during the experience.

The studio is wheelchair accessible with station-appropriate heights. That way, those in wheelchairs can be comfortable but helpful tools will be around too.

“Some of the kids don’t have the grip to grip paintbrushes like the normal,” Taylor said. “So some of the things we looked into was getting different adaptive tools. So this is a band. I usually just put it on my hand, which they can as well if they don’t tolerate it on their wrist. But it’s a band that has a little pocket. And they can put a paintbrush, crayon, whatever it is, and they don’t have to grip it whatsoever. It just stays on their hand, and they’re able to paint, and all they have to do is move their arm.”

The handgrip isn’t the only adaptive tool, Taylor showed us many different ones for all people.

New art studio allows kids to find creative side no matter their capabilities - Pt II

Taylor tells me she wants the kids to bring creative ideas to each session.

“Obviously, we’re going to be painting, learning about famous artists, but we’re going to be doing all kinds of crafts too,” Taylor told us. “One of our first things is a gnome, fairy, dinosaur gardens. It used to be just fairy and gnome garden and then I had a kid reach out through his parents and said I really like dinosaurs. OK. . . OK, great idea. And that’s kind of what I wanted this place to be about is I want their ideas.”

The next pop-up session is on June 3 and another on June 11.

Click here for more information on ColorWheel Kids.

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