Providence Police Chief blasts court system after arrest of man they call ‘career criminal’

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Published: May. 16, 2022 at 3:17 PM CDT
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WEBSTER CO., Co. (WFIE) - Providence Police Chief Todd Jones is calling out the court system in an online post after the arrest of a man who had just been released from jail.

It was on the department’s page and not his personal page.

Chief Jones started the post by saying “Has our Circuit Court System let us down??”

He says a Providence Police Officer was involved in an altercation on May 12 with 38-year-old Steven Sigler.

He calls Sigler a career criminal and says he had just been released from jail May 9.

He names the Judge and Commonwealth Attorney on the case.

Jones says Sigler only served seven days for violating conditions of his release for a Felony Assault conviction in Union County.

He says Sigler was originally sentenced to five years in prison, but as it often is, the sentence was probated with certain restrictions.

Jones says instead of revoking that probation, Sigler was let back out anyway, only to get involved in another crime.

“As a 34-year law enforcement professional, I understand that we are held to a higher standard than the citizens we serve. When one of us makes a mistake, it is often national news and the object of criticism by everyone. However, who holds our courts accountable?” said Chief Jones.

The Chief says this caused danger to the public and wasted man hours and tax payer money. He even says he believes the Commonwealth Attorney should be responsible for the costs.

“You are being paid an astronomical salary, given a lot of authority, immune from liability, and all we want is to have a Commonwealth Attorney that truly represents our best interest and a Circuit Judge that administers justice according to the rules and regulations of the law as it is written,” he said.

We’ve reached out to Chief Jones to see if he would like to talk about the case.

Judge Rene Williams tells us, under law, she can’t provide a statement, but did say she has the utmost respect for all our law enforcement officials and partners in the legal community and the important job they do.

Commonwealth Attorney Zac Greenwell said he’ll refrain from public comment about the case in question, but tells us, “Law Enforcement has a difficult and dangerous job. For all of us involved in the criminal justice system, the job can be frustrating because we all must work within our lanes and within the constraints of the law at pursuing justice. Each of these rolls must work independently of the other at pursuing this common goal of a better community for our families and neighbors. Law enforcement must be independent from prosecutors and Judges are independent of everyone.”

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