Owensboro senior gets accepted to over 30 colleges, some include Ivy Leagues

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Published: May. 9, 2022 at 9:22 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro high school senior, Kelton Moorman has been accepted to over 30 different colleges, many of them Ivy League schools.

“I do read occasionally,” says Moorman, “I used to be a big video game player. I used to play a lot of video games, I’m not gonna lie.”

What sets him apart, however, is what his plans are for the fall.

“So, the top two schools I was debating on were Harvard and NYU,” says Moorman.

Moorman amassed a 4.5 GPA while at Owensboro High School, and his composite ACT score was a 32. His super score, a 33.

For reference, a perfect ACT score is 36.

31 different colleges accepted him, and the list included many high-profile, prestigious universities. Places like Harvard College, Dartmouth College and Brown University, to name only a few.

Moorman says it hasn’t always come easy to him though, and he’s had to learn to succeed in adverse positions. Positions that some of his classmates may never find themselves in.

Growing up on Tenth Street, in the midst of Mechanicville and Baptown, he says his area is no stranger to gun violence and poverty.

“There was just a shooting down at the park, but then I have to go to school and act like that just didn’t happen. You know, and yeah, like my family, we don’t have the bills, so our lights got cut off,” says Moorman, “but I have to go to school and take a geometry test as if that’s not the reality that I have to face, you know?”

Even still, Moorman persevered, earning himself the opportunity to be a first-generation college student, and helping out his community along the way.

Moorman wants to help end the stigma around his community, and shine a light on the people who live in it: his neighbors, and his friends.

One example of many is when he hosted ‘Money Mayhem’ with Breaking the Cycle at Dugan Best park, right down the street from his house, teaching financial literacy to young, low-income kids.

Brionna Greer, the founder of Breaking the Cycle, knows both Moorman, and his exceptional character, well.

“He just had his own event called ‘Money Mayhem’. He was basically hosting it, and we helped him,” says Greer, “so, he’s very outgoing, he works hard, and he’s gonna be a real game-changer.”

Between schools like Harvard, Dartmouth and Brown, we asked Moorman why he chose NYU.

He says not only is it great for his major, which is education, but he’s really looking forward to the diversity on campus as well as the experience he’s going to gain living so far from home.

Moorman says he is a Jay-Z fan, and in reference to his unique situation quoted one of his songs saying, “Concrete jungle’s where dreams are made of.”

He says he hopes that his success in the classroom can inspire other kids from low-income neighborhoods to pursue their dreams, just like he is.

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