Union County mother of twins helping others find baby formula as shortage gets worse

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Published: May. 9, 2022 at 6:37 PM CDT
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UNION COUNTY, Ky. (WFIE) - The nationwide baby formula shortage is getting worse.

In six states, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee, more than half of baby formula supplies were completely sold out during the last week of April.

Over the weekend, CVS and Target announced they were going to limit how much formula each customer can buy.

Social media posts from customers suggested Walmart was pursuing a similar policy, but there’s no confirmation from the retailer yet.

The baby formula supply chain shortage stems from a nationwide recall at an Abbott Nutrition facility in Michigan.

Since then, many retail stores across the United States are seeing bare shelves.

Union County mother of twins, Cierra Vos, says as she struggles to find formula for her two nine-month-old babies, she traveled to three different cities in the Tri-State searching for formula and shelves were nearly bare.

Out of every retail store she searched, she only found two cans.

“There was nothing on any of the shelves, when we got to the very last store there were two cans,” said Vos. “You can only buy two of them, so whenever you buy the last two, it’s like, another parent’s not going to get anything. So it’s like, what do you do. For instance, at my house two cans doesn’t last very long.”

Vos says when she can’t find formula on the shelves, her mother-in-law in Florida has been shipping her cans just to keep enough in stock at home to feed her twins.

As the shortage rolls on, Vos says this is a scary time for mothers.

“Becoming a mother in general, a new mother at that, it comes with hardships, and challenges, and scares, and this is something that’s added to it which shouldn’t ever have to be a problem,” said Vos.

She says mothers should never have to worry about what they’re going to feed their children, so she says she wants to help as many mothers feed their babies as she can.

“I’ve often said if anyone needs help, they can shoot me a message and I’ll find it if I can, or I’ll have my mother-in-law ship it to me, or whatever the case may be to help other moms out because I know how it feels to be in situations where you don’t know what’s going to happen next,” said Vos.

In addition to Vos wanting to be a resource for mothers in need, she also wants to advise mothers to not hesitate to reach out to their pediatricians if they ever feel like they can’t find food for their children.

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