‘Guns and Hoses’ hits the Tri-State, leaving community-wide impact for 14th year

‘Guns and Hoses’ hits the Tri-State, leaving community-wide impact for 14th year
Published: Apr. 9, 2022 at 11:04 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The long-standing rivalry between firefighters and police officers came to blows in downtown Evansville. Luckily, it was able to happen for charity.

In its 14th year in the Tri-State, this year’s “Guns and Hoses” event started off with a bang.

“We’ll be friends afterward, but I’m there to win - he’s there to win,” said boxer and Evansville police officer Sam Smith.

The rumble downtown was put on by 911 Gives Hope, an organization that raises money for charities throughout the Tri-State.

“It’s all about coming out and raising money for kiddos and individuals that need it right here in our back yard,” said 911 Gives Hope Executive Board Member Nate Jazyk.

The boxing draws a big crowd to the Ford Center. Charity officials say they try to sell it out each year. They say since the event has been going, they have raised over $2 million, and they have made sure the money hasn’t gone anywhere.

“100 percent of what’s collected tonight goes directly back into the community,” said Jazyk.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Guns and Hoses is all serious though. Some slick moves during his entrance were courtesy of Officer Sam “Steel Hammer” Smith, who fought for his seventh year representing the Evansville Police Department.

“I’m an older officer, I’ve got to have goals. I can’t golf, I can’t shoot a basketball, I can’t throw a baseball straight; but I can take a punch, I can give a punch,” said Smith.

Smith says despite the violence, he’s made friends at the event. He even invited his opponent this year to an upcoming cookout.

If you missed Saturday’s fights, you can still donate to the cause.

Click here to donate or learn more about 911 Gives Hope.

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