Former Roca Bar North employees speak out about not receiving W-2′s

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Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 6:25 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Roca Bar North once touted itself as “An Evansville Original”, as written on its sign.

Once hosting live music while serving food and drinks to the patrons of the North side of Evansville, it now sits empty. It’s previous owners, Steve Hammer and Derek Ungethiem closed it down in October of 2021.

Former Roca Bar Server, Brock Murray says that it was unexpected.

“It sort of came out of nowhere whenever it closed,” said Murray.

Now, during 2022 tax season, something went wrong.

Former employees say, two months after the deadline, they still haven’t received their W-2′s.

Murray says that he’s been in contact with his former co-workers, and it’s been a hassle trying to figure it all out.

“My taxes, they are just hanging out in the void right now,” said Murray, “they’ve just not been done, and I know that also looks bad on me, so.”

According to Ungethiem, he and Hammer were supposed to work together to ensure that all of the former employees received their W-2′s.

Ungenthiem says Hammer wasn’t too interested in holding up his end of the deal.

In a statement from Ungetheim, he says in part that he’s tried to work with Hammer, but to no avail:

Derek in reference to his business partner, Steve Hammer
Derek in reference to his business partner, Steve Hammer(WFIE)

Many of the former employees reached out to the IRS themselves, but according to Murray, it was just as difficult to get to them as it is to get to Hammer.

“They’re swamped with calls and stuff like that,” said Murray, “so apparently they’re not able to get through.”

For now though, those who worked at Roca Bar are still waiting.

According to the IRS, Hammer and Ungethiem are looking at financial penalties of $110 per W-2 form that still have to file and send out.

If they don’t send them before August 1, they’re looking at $290 per W-2, according to the IRS.

The employees that spoke with our 14 News crew who preferred to stay anonymous, as well as Ungethiem, are just hoping it’s resolved soon.

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